Man Killed By Beaver

sadly, not that kind of beaver :frowning:

Dammit, I laughed.
I’ll see y’all in hell.

wow…smh. Weak ass white nigga.

But seriously, was that the Vorpal Beaver or something?

Terrible… of all the pitiful, embarrassing ways to die… the rest of the entire animal kingdom laughs at him.

How does one manage to screw up like this? Why do people continually find new, previously unheard of ways to fuck themselves over? Unbelievable.

I remember hearing about a farmer who got killed by a sheep when I was in grade school, and even then at such a young naive age, I wondered how somebody could go to the funeral and not fucking laugh.

I wouldn’t fuck with a beaver. Knives in the front, baseball bat in the back. It’s like picking a fight with a Joe Pesci character.

That’s certainly a baaaaaad way to die.

Boo this man! BOOOOOO!!!

I really thought this was going to be about a guy who died of an STD he got from a pornstar.

I thought we, mankind, were cool with beavers, proven by this documentary:

Guess I was wrong. :frowning:

it’s a well known fact that beavers aren’t to be fucked with since they are known to get busy.

DAM it i hate to read tragic stories like this.

see what i did there?

A Honey Badger I could understand but a beaver?

Fuck you lookin at nigga

When will people learn that if it lives in the wild theres a 100% chance you shouldn’t fuck with it unless you know what you’re doing, and even then still dont fuck with it.

LOL Now THIS is why I come to Shoryuken.

That sounds like a punk ass way to go out, but think about it. Them fucking TEETH! Them lil niggas bite trees in half. Do you really want them teeth anywhere near you? If you didn’t die, you’d certainly want to.

All one would have to do is just stomp on it. It would be a wrap.

There’s an Angry Beavers joke here somewhere…