Man kills 3 kindergarten children and injures 13


What the fuck is this freak of nature. I thought id heard about everything but this is just on another level of wrong.

Edit: Found out there was a similar incident a week before that and a couple of more before that.

What the hell are these guys thinking. Whats with this hate of kindergarten children in china.


i bet he’s a shoryuken member.


Fucking China.


It’s mother fucking Alessi, IRL…


You’ve never lived within earshot of an elementary school, get woken up by loudass screaming kids, and felt the urge to pick up an axe and murder them all?

I thought that was perfectly normal.


fixed :rofl:


With an ax, you say?


Chinese Illuminati educate yourself people.


To be fair, there are so many people in China that it’s probably super easy to kill them. You back out of your driveway. Bam. Five kids, right there. Open the door to the grocery store. Bam. Some old lady and the old lady behind her. You swing an axe. Thwop thwop thwop. Ten people’s heads.

Really, if you don’t want to accidentally mass-murder hundreds of people, just stay away from China.


Did he at least have sex with them before the murder?


I want this planet to explode.


i don’t want it to explode because that would kill all the other animals on the planet as well…


And luckily those animals are doing much nicer things than humans.

Like women killing their men after fertilization, then laying eggs in the dead bodies and having the kids eat their dads first thing in life.

Wildlife so cute.


And I always seriously question why God allows this to happen to kids. I mean what can the kids really do to stop something like this?


Beats the hell outta me. Oh, wait-


It’s not SRK GD without a horrible story, is it? :frowning:


It’s China, they take that one family, one child shit seriously. Gotta keep the population in check somehow.
Unrelated, but-

That’s how you do that shit. Fuck yo’ appeals, son, game over.


You mean China isn’t the perfect utopian paradise I was led to believe it was by the 08 Olympic opening ceremonies that Karate Kid reboot???


I swear, despite my disdain for those little kids crapping in front of me wherever I go, it wasn’t me.

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R.I.P and tear :’(