Man kills stepfather with Atomic Wedgie




Wow, talk about being assed out.




This is the greatest death ever.




Final Atomic Wedgie.

Obviously a Zangief player.


Time we all start going commando to out-wit potential copycat killers.


lack of gief gif is disappointing :coffee:


thousands of people are bullyed each day, hundreds are have died in bully realted events, 10 of them die by getting the underwear pulled over thier head.only you can end it before it begins… #whtppl


I’m scurred!!1

I gots a big butt, sumtymes I get da wejjeez on dey own, wut if ma atomik butt killz mi wun day!!??!?1?


The Fruit of the Loom murderer.


Skidmark Strangler


My condolences to the father.


Am I the only one who thinks that “Diva” has a man face?


Most Divas have a man face.

Except for AJ Lee <3


The meta of trying and failing to surpass my puns has moved beyond g00dy’s plagairism, onwards and unto creating a whole new thread to cover it up, apparently.

I know BEWD knows what that means :coffee:

I think the cops should let the guy go.

He was just being a good American son, and trying to get his dad to pull himself up by his booty straps.


I just hope he changed his dirty underwear in time.


I had to google that bitch to confirm indeed it was a bitch. Thought it was one of these transgender motherfuckers SRK seem to be so in love with.


It all makes sense now

His eyes tells the whole story of his child hood


Florida needs a swirlie death.


This is hilarious LOL