Man makes statue out of comics worth $30,000


When Andrew Vickers discovered some old comics in a dumpster, he did what any artist would do — OK, maybe not any artist — and transformed them into a man-sized (and -shaped) papier maché sculpture. And then he learned those comic books could have been worth nearly $30,000. The operative phrase there is could have been.

The sculpture, called “Paperboy,” on display through Thursday in Sheffield, England, includes the first issue of The Avengers, which on its own might’ve been worth as much as $15,000 on its own. Y’know, before it was torn apart and pasted to a chicken-wire frame (granted, the comic probably wasn’t in mint condition in the trash).

World of Superheroes owner Steve Eyre initially thought the sculpture was “fantastic,” and then he recognized the cover of 1963′s The Avengers #1 on “Paperboy’s” inside-right leg.

“I’ve got a copy of that, which was published in 1963, that is worth well over £10,000,” the retailer tells BBC News. “Then I started looking and there are six comics on this that together would be worth, even in the condition you can see, £20,000. “It would have been cheaper for Andrew to make this out of Italian marble because the raw materials that have gone in to it I could have sold for a lot more than he is going to sell this statue for.”

Although most people might be angry with themselves after making such an expensive error, Vickers is amused. “To be honest I’m shocked but money has not got such a value to me. I think it is funny,” he says. “I really love the idea of me creating something out of such expensive things that’s worth less. I think it’s brilliant.”
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All I can say is…



He is probably cutting himself at night.
The typical “Money means nothing to me” is what every broke artist says.


Concept and philosophy great, execution FAIL

It looks like a child made it, get a job hobo


That statue is awesome.


Oh…I see.
When I do this…its a crime
When its done with western comics, it’s art.

What’s worse is some of those doujinshi were really expensive.
I guess the world wasn’t ready for the “Spirit of Bukkake”


The irony isn’t that it would have been worth more money if he’d left the comics alone. The irony is that this pop art/found art geek will never achieve the same connection with an audience as the artists whose work he cannibalized.


LOL at what passes at modern art.

“so… i took what i thought was garbage… and I put chicken wire into a shape kinda resembling a person and then put the trash around the wire in a bumpy, unrealistic way”

To say that he wont be able to get 30k for that POS is such an understatement.


I wonder how @Neesa would feel about this, seeing she’s into art and what not.


You could wipe your arse with 30k worth of comics and it would still be worth more than that piece.

This is far more artistic,
Platinum T-Rex


Being a hipster wannabe art fag is it’s own reward I suppose.


The fuck is this? Free arts and crafts at the local YMCA?

Okay, I get it… I have to make my art look shitty to get noticed. Thanks Art world. Oh yeah, fuck you.


That’s a $30,000 opportunity that will NOT happen again.
your name and location, as well as a description of your fail, documented and immortalized online.
your friends and family…Oh yeah. They won’t talk to you now.
The chance that someone will buy your statue…Not even half as good as your chances would’ve been if you had made a drawing of your statue, which is pretty near zero.
The chances that you are going to regret this for a while: I’ll bet $30,000 that you will.
In conclusion…




Watch as he gets 100k+ on the statue.