MAN OH MAN! how can this be


Hey guys need some help here… i was challenge to a fight in one of the popular arcade games(kof 2k2)by a guy… well not actually a guy but a gay… we already have fought but i was defeated… he only used random characters at first i thought he I mean she or maybe… uhm… grrrrr… whatever… back to the topic, I thought he/she was nothing but when we started he/she began to defeat my lineup one by one and the worse thing is I didnt even reach the last one in his/her lineup grrrrrrr… I really hate remembering that!!! and when I went back to the arcade place to play the gay was there and he/she saw me and when I almost got away hes/her BF!!.. saw me and then brought me there but since they were in a hurry he/she challenged me… “this is actually what he/she said” good thing we were in a hurry, you still have time to practice bec. I challenge you… once we saw you again playing kof 2k2 i will challenge you again and again until you live miserable… waaaaaa… what does that actually mean… (T_T) so this is the thing guys, will i go back there and accept his/her challenge and just wish that luck is on our side? or just find another arcade place? please guys help me decide… THNX GUYS!!! :pleased:


:confused: Umm.


WOW!!! thnx man!!! that was a great help!!!


give me a good reason not to lock this thread.

seriously, this won’t even belong in Gen. Disc… you’ll just get flamed to the moon and back.


Pfft, not worth it. Rook, lock this :lame: ass thread up, plzkthx?


Lol lock this baby up and throw away the key.


It was a rather ammusing story there. I claim this story as fighting game related art in the name of… erm… pff… nothing. lock this stupid thread up


why is this in the fanart section :confused: