Man Purses at EVO 08?

Whats up with all the man purses ??? Is that the new trend for this year ? I saw alot of side bags and murses. What brands are they ? Just curious…Some of them were pretty dope…I think RUIN had a Louis Vuitton bag and that shit was ill. Any comments?

-D R B

I had a camera bag?

I had a mesenger bag full of tall cans. And its too hard to carry a wallet phone smokes lighter keys, misc shit without a bag, and a backpack looks fucking stoopid

i had a bag full of beer on my shoulder

Ah, perhaps you are referring to my enormous scrotum.

I had a bag for my laptop.

I had a little travel backpack that I used to carry my custom stick in. My stick is small and lightweight so it’s easy to conceal it in the bag. I guess it’s kinda stylish too in a way. Some people don’t even realize at first that my stick is in my bag till I pull it out.

y’all should play smash and carry yo gamecube cotroller in a fanny pack. that’d be sweet. :tup:

i carry around a coin purse =D

Man purses are the shit!

I think its only cool if your name is Ruin or PapaTrunks.
At this rate it’ll be cool to start sportin matching high heels with ur purses.

LOL when I read this I started dying laughing.

Christ, repped. :rofl:

Hahaha, wow, that was great.


PATMOBSTAHH !! thats a cool avater :cybot:

they need to come up with some kind of man purse already. I have too many damn things to carry around. cell phone,ipod,arcade stick,wallet,psp,gum,etc.

Man Purse Wild West Style

I hope this trend dies like chain wallets.

Seriously though, people wear them mostly just to be hip, except being hip means being different soley for the sake of being different, purses inclusive.

Man purse must die.

is that even yours? and this has been a trend for the past couple years, lol

man i had a chain on my wallet infinitely before anyone else did. now the chain’s on my keys / flash drive. keeps me from leaving them in the car. :V