Man put in solitary confinement for 2 YEARS with no trial after DWI arrest awarded $22m

Stephen Slevin, pictured near the time of his release, was held in solitary confinement for two years and forced to pull out his own tooth

Stephen Slevin, looked remarkably different in August, 2005, at the time of his arrest for drunken driving


I was kinda hoping his before picture was some really young looking clean shaven guy

If that story is accurate, then that’s pretty messed up. Dude didn’t even get a trial and was kept in solitary for 2 years? Jesus.

holy fuck…
new mexico… :frowning:

Damn 22 million? I’d do 2 years in solitary for that.

if you can keep you sanity…

Fuck my sanity. 22 million!


Well it depends on your mental stability. If you think you can endure the 2 years then it would be worth it but if you are bat-shit-crazy by the end of your sentencing, money won’t cure the case of the “Cast Away”; bad Tom Hanks reference.

I don’t think I’d be able to do 2 years of solitary, especially if the conditions were as bad as the article says (no medical treatment, no basic human services, etc). Not even for 22 million.

Do you have any idea how many dicks you’d need to suck to get 22 million in regular jail?
Solitary is where its at.

Your question presupposes that you do, in fact, know the answer to this.

I find this disturbing.

And sadly unsurprising.

awww the poor poor drunk driver, now with 22 mil you know he is going to get popped again for drunk driving, the cops will recognize the name and this guy will disappear for good.

can be easily said after the fact.

You would have gotten thrown in solitary not knowing when you will get out. At first you be thinking it would be for a day or two (seeing it was a DWI). but 2 years, naaaawww dawg, aint no amount of money is gonna help you after that mind fuck.

people need to stop putting so much value on the money aspect. This is beyond fucked up. this man lost 2 years of his life + his sanity (i’m guessing) and people will let it slide cause he got 22mill. This guy had to pull his own tooth out cause they didn’t give him medical attention.

that’s not how shit should work. everyone working in that fucken prison should lose their job, EVER-FUCKEN-BODY. the common folk are truly powerless in this county and it’s sad. elections are BS, the government is BS, democrats & republicans are just 2 different sides of the same coin and we have no other options.

sorry about going off on a tangent but this is soooo fucked up. wow

he deserves the 22 million. American prison system needs an overhaul almost as bad as your government does.

There are much much much worse prison systems in other countries than in America. That of course doesn’t take away from how jacked up this guy’s case was.

Not enough!

The US has the worst criminal justice system in the developed world.

This is the kind of shit you expect to hear about in a third-world craphole. And it’s not a one-off either; from what I hear it’s very common for people to spend years in jail just waiting for a trial, by which point they’ve already served a full sentence, even if they are found innocent.

I hope this guy kills himself in car accident before he collects dat 22 million…

Now I’m thinking about what it would be like to be in solitary for 2 years and damn, I don’t think I can do that… even for the all the money in the world.