Man put in solitary confinement for 2 YEARS with no trial after DWI arrest awarded $22m

This situation is crazy, although as others have said it’s more common than anyone is willing to admit.

That being said, DUI/DWI penalties should be much harsher in this country in my opinion. Recklessly endagering yours and other’s lives because you decided to go get hammered one night? Yeah, no. You shouldn’t get away with that crap.

As someone from WI (the most relaxed DUI laws in the country thanks to our beer culture and Tavern League Association lobbying), I can attest to the fact that DUI laws need to be much, much tougher. But 2 years in solitary without even a trial? Fuck that.

I would hire asassins to kill everybody involved!

Yeah, I didn’t mean to imply that what happened to this guy was justified or anything. Sorry if it came across that way.

I heard some horror stories about people being put in solitary confinement. Im some facilities there is no outside noise and no windows so you can’t tell whether it’s night or day. You lose track of time, and some people start to imagine sounds and voices.

I bet those 2 years seemed like a decade in there.

man i would do 2 years just to be able to randomly bring it up in discussions

like “yo you think RF is free? FUCK YOU I SPENT TWO YEARS IN SOLITARY”

the $22mil would be icing on the cake