Man Rapes Elderly Woman, Has Heart Attack


In before Sexperienced


lol, as the late Richard Pryor once said “he came and went at the same time”


great grand milf


lady was just posted up in bed and this dude randomly just came into her crib, climbed into bed with a knife, and began raping?

what the fuck?


They still don’t chop off sex offender’s wangs? If they’re going to release them they might as well.

Also my reaction @ guy dying


Old woman give him a dirty sanchez


(Just as planned.)

Heard about this on the morning news. Well, at least they won’t waste time at trial.

You split into three Japanese guys?


Yes. I laughed that hard. :d


not even granny safe


HAHA lol


lol I knew someone was going to make a thread out of this because it came from an extraneous link in the Halo3 murder thread.

It’s amazing how even after the first heart attack he still was going to rape her. You’d think he’d take it as a sign to stop and maybe leave but nooooo…

More proof that true pedophiles are pretty much beyond redemption and are an unnecessary burden on society.


(wonders how long it will take for someone to call for a “news” thread again)

Ha, now I keep imagining SniperNightOwl’s signature being applied to this situation, complete with Bison’s death scream.

Uh, white shadow? I don’t see how he’s a “true” pedophile considering the age of this victim. If he was a “true” pedophile/Shin Pedo, wouldn’t he have not been able to get it up for anyone who didn’t look like a child?

Just seems like a true rapist who was a true idiot, in which case I would agree that both of those things are unnecessary burdens to society. Then again, a lot of people and things are.


dat old pussy must’ve been to die for.


The reason why he was in prison was due to pedophilia. A pedophile is not limited to just children, it’s simply a preference they go to lengths to excise when available.


Most people fail to appreciate the athleticism needed to be a rapist.
Sad, really.


True, but as in Cops, the camera men are the real, unsung heroes.


(Yeah, those camera men on Cops are all probably fucking ripped.)

I don’t think people are aware that sex can generally be physically dangerous, if Cosmo’s “advice” is any indication.

I am aware of this given that I can, you know, read.

This is where you lost me for several reason. This question is chief among them: Why bother calling him a pedophile then (beyond the previous conviction), much less a “true” pedophile, instead of just a scummy rapist if the victim wasn’t a child or didn’t have any childlike features that would work towards that “preference”?


Karma win.


The whole point is that pedophiles are almost always repeat offenders, and do other deviant crimes associated with pedophilia. In this case, it was the raping of an elderly woman. Hence the point of my original post.


Oh, why didn’t you just say that then? Recidivism is pretty common in general that “true” pedophilia just made me think you were talking about someone who was (unfortunately) genuinely attracted ONLY to little children. Not that you were just talking about someone who repeatedly offends because that person’s a sociopath or because that person’s a serial rapist or because prison doesn’t actually rehabilitate most people or because mental health care is laughable or…

(Yes, I know that rape isn’t all about sexual attraction. Shut up.)