Man Robs Bank For $1 To Get Free Health Care

I love living in Canada with health care that doesn’t require bank robbing

yeah you also live in canada where a judge can force people to pull the plug on their kids.

but hey I guess it’s cool to over look ass backwards shit like this.

i support their decision. Who needs a veggie baby? Babies are easy to make, just have another one

Pro Life much? well… nobody’s perfect.

I was going to comment on the topic, but wow

I’d rather the topic get back on topic. I do love my little jabs though, lol

Anywho, the guy had no gun, and he apparantly will only get a few months in regular jail. He is only being charged with larceny, but I at least hope this shows how desperate some Americans will become as the economy continues to shit the bed, and no valid health care options exist for most of the country

Na, I’m not pro life in the least.

Before I got a union job, my health care was $91 a month, provided with monthly checkups, 10% copay on non-generic scripts, $20 copay for non-monthly checkup visits, free labwork, $1 copay on generic scripts, and non-referral specialist work… but people complain about that shit and pay $180 on a month on their television and $100+ on their cellphone and have no problems with it. Americans don’t have a problem with not finding health care. They have a problem setting their priorities straight.

Sure, if you have a pre-existing condition, the price goes up, and forget about paying for breaking a leg… But most of the time, things can be prevented, at least slightly. When a 500lb man gets diabeties and can’t pay for it, I have zero fucking sympathy for them (This is coming from a man who’s dad is obese and has diabetes). When a jackass decides to do some stupid shit like wheelie on his Kawasaki Ninja down the highway, falls off and breaks his leg and can’t pay for it, I have, again ZERO fucking sympathy for him.

Sure sounded like it.

I’m pro life because I don’t want a court ruling on the type of medical treatment I get? That’s weird.

As for the OP the guy in the article is an idiot or desperate. There’s plenty of people who don’t resort to things like committing crimes in desperate situations.

He has a point, actually. This is definitely a backwards ass John Q situation.

I meant it as getting hissy over a court killing a useless human being. A person like me, who’s REALLY against the ideas of pro-life interprets things with a bias. That’s what happened there.

and to just further my opinion on “life”… I feel the world is overpopulated as it is, and people need to start dying off.

Whether the human is useless or not doesn’t matter I don’t think a court should decide things like this. It’s all about the power one should have over another individual and not a matter or pro life or pro choice IMO.

Also may I ask what’s a “useless” human being ? Is it someone in a state such as a the baby ? Or is it someone who isn’t a productive member of society ? As for the earth being over populated and people needing to be killed IDK about that one buddy that seems extreme. However, lets say you’re right who gets to decide these people’s fate ? Who gets to kill them and why?

Though I’d love to get into this argument… SRK really isn’t the place. Enough threads get off topic as is.

…but to answer a simpler part of that - a “vegetable” is useless, as well as an unproductive member of society (like my sister). A baby has the potential to not be. But if I read that article correctly, the baby was a veggie anyway.

I don’t think they should just be straight up killed… but I don’t really care when they die… Moreso, I just think people need to stop having kids.

EDIT: and there… I got into it, even though I said I wouldn’t…

I’m not too sure if it’s off topic or not since the OP decide to take a shot at America’s health care system and compare it to Canada’s. Of course with the comes the debate of Capitalism vs Socialism so it seems to be on topic to me. The baby in the article was a veggie and was going to die.

So your sister is an unproductive member of society ? Should she be killed? But you’re kind of already singing a different tune now. If you’re indifferent about the death of an individual then that’s fine.However, when you claim certain people should be killed then that’s going overboard in my opinion.

I don’t really care how many kids someone has or doesn’t have I just believe that people should have kids and be able to take care of them. You can have 50 kids if you want if you can take care of all of them I don’t really give a damn. It becomes a problem in my opinion when tax payers have to start taking care of your kids. So yeah people do need to put on a condom or a pop a pill before they have sex but they clearly don’t. So it’s whatever really not harming me though.

its a fucking vegetative baby, the only people who would support life in that situation are religious fucking nutjobs. go preach your thinly veiled pro-life garbage elsewhere.

Yeap… that’s pretty much how I read it.

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