Man Sentenced for Sex Act on Horse (Not the Onion)

Full article: BBC News - Man sentenced for sex act on horse at Devon stables

At point did he say to himself, I don’t like women, I don’t like men, but that horse HMMMMM. How do you fuck a horse, if the horse didn’t want it he’d get a hoof or stomped in the face. :rofl:


Mr Hands could have been friends with this man.

Some dude died while fucking a horse in my state. :coffee:

Horses don’t fuck around man. Fucking a horse is like Russian Roulette.

That whorse seduced him I bet. That slut.

I think I heard about that, but if you are going to let a 2000lb animal fuck you then it’s only going to end one way. I think in the UK story the guy is giving it.

yes washington state represent

we love horses

no homo. beastialitio?

There’s a video on youtube about people who like to have sex with horses, but on the receiving end. Feel free to watch it if you wanna get rid of whatever innocence you have left.

so wait, did he fuck it or blow it? Or both?

I love how they charged him with sex with a horse…cant they just amalgamate it all into a sex with animals charge, or is it better to fuck certain animals, in terms of jail time?


This one?

Yeah. That’s the one. What a lovely couple.

It was a black horse too!

this shit is mad common on farms… hope that dude was wearin a condom, for the horse’s sake

you know how long it takes to teach a horse to suck your dick without eating it. fuckin months. horse owner is just coltblocking

I guess he truly only fucks with stallions.

Black people really missing out on that horse action. I mean come on son, ass for days!!!

Oh the humanity.


we had a guy around here that was caught jacking off behind a horse because he could not insert

“Hi ho, Silver!”

3 minute pause


Although it DOES put the whole “ho” and “silver” bit into another context entirely.

As I see it.