Man sets house on fire to kill spider


The SRK GD Lounge: Dear Epidemic, my money's on the chimp

I went backpacking a couple weeks ago and the mosquitoes were fucking TERRIBLE. I actually threw a temper tantrum. If I had a flame thrower I would have burned the entire forest down to kill them all. Without remorse.

Love this:

It would be fucking hilarious if somehow the spider survived.


this is like every fucking meme when you see a giant weird spider


So basically the ending to the Arachnophobia movie

Sequel confirmed


it looks like he is in a web of debt now

the itsy bitsy spider was in the man’s house, down came ceiling that burned the spider out, out came the fire that burned the man’s house and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up on the man shoulder again


But spiders can teleport when they’re out of vision. This is fact.


Arachnophobia is serious business.


Just the house? i would have torched the whole lot.


My biggest fear are insects. I remember a few years ago I had just taken a shower and walked into my room to find a huge cockroach I swear was pulling a goddamn buggy. I screamed like a girl, my towel dropped, and I chased the thing all over the apartment with a broom. I finally got that son of a bitch.

My roommate thought I was nuts.


This is the only part of your story I believe.


The fear is real. If you showed me a roach or some shit like that I’ll run away faster than Epidemic from primates.


Haha reminds of an old Xfiles episode :rofl:



Fuck spiders.


So what’s going on with the man that burnt the place? Is he being charged for repairs? Can arachnophobia be used as an actual defense?


Looks like that spider’s spider sense was tingling…


Man used flamethrower! It’s super effective!


LOL @Raz0r‌


I know someone who reacts the exact same way about roaches, including screaming like a girl. That person is my girlfriend.




He burnt the house down by ACCIDENT.
If he was like “Fuck this, fuck this house” and just burned the whole thing to the ground, that would be cool.