Man Sexually Assaulted by 4 Women


At first you may be thinking “This motherfucker hit the jackpot!” but read the descriptions.

lol @ High heels and no nylons for that easy access

REVERSE RAPE! Hide your dicks these fat bitches are on a rampage!

But seriously guys, we all know that slut was probably asking for it.


5’4 200lbs…uhhh no thanks


I’m not even going to bother with this thread. inb4 “hes gay for reporting it” etc etc


Four wild Snorlax appeared!


He shouldn’t have been walking around alone in that tight little outfit. He was asking for it.




Sexual assault means they stuck something up his butt right and damn these were obese women gross


Im going to stop carrying Bacon in my pockets for now on.


Raped by fat bitches. A fate worse than death


Bitches probably won’t get even half the jail time as men would if this scenario was flipped.

Two weeks ago I got a ride home from some female friends cause my car was in the shop. Not sure if I should joke with them over this or stay away from them.


The victim did not wish to be identified, but described himself as a Canadian who spells his name with a 3.


Thanks for clearing that up, Chief. There’s no way anybody already arrived at that possibility.


Rock its obviously a joke you 300 lb fucking baby


Fat chick need loving too.

On a serious note, rape is rape. I can’t imagine going through what this man went through, four fat chick hungry for sex and you are the main dish they want.



You can thank the billions of dollars feminist lobbyists toss into the political system and all the supreme court justices with vaginas.

For too long have men been victimized by the legal system, and this hypothetical injustice is just the icing on the cake.


They put you in the friendzone

Nobody likes weeaboos

Dude was stuck in an irl hungy hungry hippos situation. 4 hippos trying to chomp his balls


I would fight back and possibly kill those women.


How did the guy keep a hard on? I would go limp at first sight of blubber. Maybe they force fed him tons of viagra?


I won’t be surprised if he’ll still be forced to pay child support if any of these rapists get pregnant.