Man shoots himself live on fox news




Someone is going to get fired…


That was funny


Quick children!- To before this video gets removed from youtube and this guy’s account gets the banhammer!

Also wow. Imagine how many kids were watching with their parents. D:


He had to do it, or else they were gonna find out who Heisenberg was.

I wonder if the poor guy got fired, lol.


getoffgetoffgetfoffgetoffgetoffgetoffgetoff GET OFF IT


he was just releasing his persona.


Kids watch FOX news channel with their parents?
That’s fucking child abuse…


well I mean they have it on in the background and a kid walks by the TV


You’d have to pretty damn stupid to watch FOX news in the first place


Doug and his Mesothelioma was the best part of the vid.

Hands down.


I’m seriously waiting for Sonicabid’s post. I’m disappointed it wasn’t the first post to this thread…




I thought I was going to see some red smoke somewhere


I clicked this thread thinking Fox News had someone live in the studio that shot themselves!

…don’t know why I’m disappointed :looney:


But who is this Doug and what does he have?

That’s the real topic here.


Fox News went back on air and apologized for airing it. At least they admitted it was a mistake airing the suicide. That’s never appropriate to report on.

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed couldn’t wait to get that video put up on YouTube and tweet about it. Columbia Journalism Review properly chastised them for it and of course BuzzFeed reporters defended them showing everyone the video. It’s morbid and disgusting. (The video has sense been pulled down with YouTube saying they’re “not in the shock value business” or something of the sort)


Too bad he wasn’t inside the TV.


I guess you could say his…

puts glasses on

…mind was blown.


You can do better :wonder: