Man shorted a McDouble. Calls police. Gets arrested



@MrWizard, was this you?

SRK Lounge: More like turned on by Lesbian Seagulls

It wasn’t a McRib, get your facts straight.


I read that as snorted for some reason… smh


me too , lol


Just watched the video. The guy was black.

Why would a black guy call the cops?

He should be lucky they didn’t beat him up and charge him for attempted rape and murder of the woman who robbed him.

SMH :shake:


Are you kidding me? Since when is it wrong to call the police on McD’s when they rudely deny you your well-deserved heart attack food?

This guy was a true American hero in my book.


one time I stole a FOF from a white girl at an arcade, wonder what would have happened if she called the cops


Storyboard note,

john pherai @ an arcade rolls up and looks like this

So nothing of the sort with police being called will ever happen.


I bet the dude went back into the mcdonalds and was like “Prepare for trouble and make it…a mcdouble”


I didn’t even have to watch the video. As soon as it was said he used the word “cool” I knew he was black. Black people use the word cool more than white people now.




They probably thought he ate a McDouble in the car, and came back. lol.


i like how his words of advice arent about the foolishness of calling 911 incorrectly and wasting police time, but rather for people to check their food before they leave a restaurant.

i dont think he quite learned his lesson there…


you stole a flames of the faltine from a white girl at the arcade? my nigga on dat dr strange shit, and stealing from the white man. lemme find out


White people got it from black people in the first place.


At least the dude dressed in his Sunday best for the interview.


Which is a possible scenario the staff should be aware of, but unfortunately he doesn’t realize this.

I work in retail and I get customers coming back asking for an exchange on an item because they found out their item was actually broken (i.e. glassware, stoneware) when they brought it home. How would I know if they broke it on their own by accident or if it really was broken before purchasing? I’m not going to check for them.


And you ain’t getting it back.


Nah, not mad. Not at all.

Operatives of the White Persons Council are currently sifting through information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants, and a massive database of telephone records provided by the NSA to discover the next up-and-coming black slang term that will replace the outmoded “cool”.

Black people might be the ones to come up with everything “cool”, but we’re sure as fuck the ones who are going to steal it every time. :coffee:


Isn’t it like policy once it leaves the store its out of the franchises hands? Save for drive thrus