Man Slaps his 13 year old daughter so hard.... that she died. Sentenced to 60 days in jail


A Quebec man who slapped his teenage daughter so hard she died has been sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Moussa Sidime is expected to serve his time two days a week over 30 weeks, plus two years of probation.

He was reportedly emotional during the sentencing on Wednesday in court in Longueuil, south of Montreal.
The 74-year-old man had pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of his 13-year-old daughter Noutene in October 2010

The court heard Sidime struck her because he didn’t like how she’d completed a chore and because she had been disrespectful.

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How much does this dude lift? Dude slapped her so hard her neck snapped.


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and this was a legitimate mistake, and It’s not like he did it on purpose. Sentencing him for longer would have done nothing for anybody except waste tax payer money. good on Quebec (of all places) to do this right.


That dude sure did get a slap on the wrist.


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Poor dude. I know he didn’t mean for this to happen and now he’s gonna have to live with it.


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He had a kid with someone when he was 61?
He slapped her twice so hard it ruptured an artery?

Whats crazy is he left no mark or bruise, but just the snap of her neck was what cause the artery to rupture in her brain. So it wasnt like he 360 slapped her. I dont even know how you slap someone so hard they rupture an artery from the violent motion, but you dont even leave a mark or bruise. Thats like some secret chinese kung fu shit.

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