Man, some wierd shit just happened while I was playing Samurai Shodown 2

First off, the title screen had blue feathers falling down instead of pink chery blossoms…and just before I won the second match, Kim Kap Hwan flew across the background from left to right in his Hou’ou Kyaku pose…wtf?!

dunno about the blue feathers but Kim Kap Hwan flying accross the background is random and is normal

Oh…I’ve been playing this game for MONTHS and this has never happened. It was always Hikyaku running back and forth back there. Anyway, I know DAMN well the title screen’s supposed to have pink cherry blossoms falling from the top of the screen.

A lot of SNK games have random stuff like that. FF2, FF3, AOF3, KOF98, RBFF, SS2 and so on… Some you will only see once or twice in your lifetime (Kasumi sneezing in AOF3, Kim in SS2, the guy in the bike in KOF98), others you can see frequently.

Rumor has it that Kim also pops up from the huge cauldron in Gen-An’s stage every once in a while (SS 2).

It’s also said that in Fatal Fury Special a certain SNK character (I forgot who it was) can be seen surfing in the background in Mai Shiranui’s stage.

some black ninja dude and I THINK its supposed to be Hanzo

Reminds me that there was a time were backgrounds got a lot more attention then today. Just watch the KOF series and see everything getting worse after KOF 98 in my opinion. This also goes for other series, but since KOF 2003 I have some hope for a change into the right direction.

Eiji Kisaragi

98 was the last “great” one. But 2003 was pretty good, and theyre getting better since then. NGBCs are gorgeous, all that is missing is better animation on the public. KOF XI fixes that, according to reports (there are animals walking, highly animated people, cars racing by and so on, like in the old days). SSTenka also has a LOT of people…

Yeah backgrounds use to be cool aspect of snk games till they gopt lazy.

its like fighting the ref kuroko or however its spelt in ss 2 i fought with him like 4 times in two weeks once and that was over 8 years ago now and never fought him since.

if u let all the rounds run down in fatal fury 2 on andy’s stage you will see tung fue rue’s bike being blown up

damn, its been a long ass time one big cusser lol. i still remmeber the old neo days and the war room and shit lol. I didnt even know if you were alive anymore.

Yes along time my friend, i still post at neo geo, how come you changed your id from final shodown ?

Also If you look closely, some fighters pop a boner when fighting a girl at random. the wierd thing ive seen is it glitches some times and some girl fighters get the boner. :-/

it happens in kof series.

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Yes, the good old days of unforgetable SNK’s fighting games.

About SS2, you can let the game running alone and see others things falling down in the title screen, like japanese figures (the squares that Genjuro uses in his special moves) too. It’s easiest to see in the NeoCD version.

It only proves that Kim is the ultimate fighter…he can TRAVEL THROUGH FUCKING TIME!!!


Are you SERIOUS about this, man?

I mean, I’ve known about the likes of “Kim’s time-traveling uber-ness”, and “being able to blow the clothes off of a girl in KOF94-95”, but I’ve NEVER seen a guy “pop a boner” as you have suggested. This really true?

He’s an idiot for posting such idiotic shit…

But you’re even MORE the idiot for even CONSIDERING that it’s true…

Sweet Jaysus… :rolleyes:

I remember an uproar when peeps were saying OMFG NIP SLIP over KOF 99 Mai’s fireball where she retrieved another fan from her bosom. Man that areole coloured pixel was fucking hot I tells yous.


Not more infamous than Oro’s low RH “package slip”. Except that time…only Viscant got aroused. :wasted: