Man tells catcallers to cut it out, gets beaten for his trouble


This story:

This could be an opportunity for you, yes you SRK GDer, to reflect upon how patriarchy is as hurtful to men as it is to women… but it’s way easier for you, yes you SRK GDer, to talk about how he should have just minded his own business.

So get to it.

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LOL, Salon articles.

Not seeing how this is patriarchy, or how the "patriarchy exists.


This is the problem with feminism. Lack of violence.
What this says is "It’s ok to cat call, because there ain’t shit you can do about it"
If a dude made some comments to a group of women, and then they beat the shit out of him, that dude wouldn’t harrass ever again.
A single guy can go onto a feminist tumblr and get them so riled up they start having miscarriages. That wouldn’t happen if he knew they would hunt him down and put him in a neck brace.
Women aren’t going to stop being property until they rise up and kill and eat their masters.


Shocking. No really, shocking.


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Why eat?


Don’t stop him. Kromo gives me the second ragingest boners. Guess who gives me the first?


If you’re going to be a twat and catcall anyone, then get upset that you’re called out on it, you should die.


Same here


Before reading the story I thought the catcallers were female and the guy responded like Link in specs’ av/title. And now I can’t stop laughing


So they can gain their strength and courage.
And then use that to subjugate those weaker than them.


Just for clarification, since he’s doing precisely what another poster who he probably also is does (mark pro-feminism posts as WTF) and his general posting style matches up (i.e., bigoted and idiotic):

@PlaceOfEagles‌ is totally Rik/RikSennin/SenninSRK, yes?


I don’t know if the opening post is suppose to be troll bait but I’ll try responding as if this was a serious topic.

This is a remark I commonly hear from feminist and to this day I’m still extremely confused by it. According to the department of justice, men are significantly more likely to be victims of nearly all forms of violence particularly street violence. Men are the overwhelming number of mugging,assault and homicide victims…therefore if a "patriarchy"did exist it would already be hurting men far more then it does women. Moreover it’s very telling that feminist are constantly going on about catcalling and the dangers women face when stepping outside…yet for some reason neglect to mention that the data on street crimes shows that you are actually far more safe being a woman then you are being a man walking out in public.

It’s amazing how a human rights issue such as violence and be contorted to a gender issue, let alone a women’s issue when they are the group least affected by it. I also have to wonder if the man in this article is what feminist mean when they said men need to be allies to women and “check their privilege.” When a woman is catcalled is it the responsibility of every able-bodied man in close proximity to act as a unpaid bodyguard to shield her from harm. I’m failing to understand why women whom are supposedly equal to men, can’t defend and support themselves…I thought it was a regressive attitude to assume women are too weak to take care of themselves.

We also have to take into account that out of all the possible street crimes in the world, catcalling essentially amounts to name calling. I find it funny how much attention and advocacy efforts go towards catcalling…it reminds me of some antiquated Victorian era concept about a woman’s honour and her being besmirched by a dreadful comment. It isn’t like men are the ones actually facing real street crimes like getting beaten and killed…clearly assault and murder are nothing compared to making a woman feel uncomfortable.


I said no more feminist shit, but i cant control it

How men react to one another is in know way shape or form the same how men react to women, even if theyre being douchebags. Men take unwanted intervention from other men as some immediate threat and assault on their manhood, that especially when drunk (which im sure they likely were at 245am) will easily escalate to physical violence. Where if those girls just ignored them, kept walking, or said she is on the phone with the police right now, they would have just probably called them whores and sped off, not get out the car and beat the shit out of them. I understand women do not understand this, because many choose to ignore the reality of gender differences when it doesnt fit their argument.

I hate that a story about a couple dbags in a car at night is a part of social reinforcement that women exist in mens spaces, as if we’re gender tyrants. Men are dicks to men all the time too. Men will drive by other dudes and throw shit at them, yell obscenities, etc… My girl and i were out in old town in san diego a couple years back, and some dude just drove by us and another group of men, and yelled at the asian guy, “FAG(OT”, for no reason. This was the norm in san diego, for hyped up dude bros to drive down garnett ave and yell out of their cars. I’ve never seen shit like that before in my life. It wasnt always obscenities either, they would just yell. We all just live in each others world, and people act out how they decide to act out. Men just find it less threatening due to our ability to defend ourself from other men much easier, but that doesnt mean you live in some society of male tyrants, only one bad day away from assaulting, or raping you. Thats victimization at its best. Hell, dudes are generally the reason i don’t like going out these days, or i like to go to specific places, because I MYSELF dont feel like dealing with typical dude bros either. Its not like dudes are always amped to be around other dudes, and dude it up in the dudest way possible, and we never dude on each other because that breaks the guy code. We only go full dude on other chicks, not dudes. LOOL

**At least you ladies werent walking down the street, and had a fucking cop say one sentence to you, then get out the car and murder you. ** WAAAA, male patriarchy, and objectifaction. We getting murdered out this bitch, motherfucker. lol

All my life i have seen men try to intervene in situations that had nothing to do with them, many not involving females, and the male response to them was always the same, lets fight. Ive been tipsy before myself, and had someone elses friend try to calm me down after someone pissed me off, even after my friends were already calming me down, and i flipped on dude. I was like, dont touch me, and dont talk to me, who the fuck are you. This is just some man shit we do, especially when we’re under the influence, and already charged off of something else. I wouldnt take the incident as an opportunity to shit on men again.

Modern feminism is astonishing at times. I feel for these young women who subscribe to this man hating nonsense. They are guaranteed to grow up dysfunctional, only to find out the world isnt as fucking nutty for them as they thought.

Dont nobody give a shit about these white female problems. Black men been knocking each other out over women while trying to white knight their asses for forever now, but we’re black, so we dont get to be in the feminism discussion from the female aspect. Get this drool off of srk. Ignore all feminism shit on the internet. Its not real, and these nutbags are such a minority who probably never go outside other then to see shitty indie bands, that they arent even worth discussing anymore.

I like how there wasnt even any sympathy in her article for the brave man who stood up for those women. Its just like, “yeah, so this guy got knocked out doing something that 9 out of 10 men wouldnt be bold or brave enough to do, but yeah, anyways, enough about him or his condition, lets talk about how men suck, even though this guy clearly doesnt”.


The women got catcalled, but the man got physically assaulted. This bully was not anti-women but anti-everyone.


Every time I try to convince someone I know that sexism is not a good idea, they pretty much react like that. I wouldn’t try to do that with an unknown, even less with a bunch of unknown jerks, however.

I respect the guy because he tried to do something, but honesty I wouldn’t try to do the same.


I feel ashamed that I took the thread title literally.


lol SRK GD, I guess.


I could take the high road and take an insightful and thought-provoking stance, but the desire to drop a one-liner is strong…

Ah, fuck it…


I guess I should feel bad… But that shit is funny, admit it.


The thing feminist don’t understand is that a man who catcalls is likely to be someone who doesn’t have much respect for basic curtesy. If he’s going to be rude enough to say profane things to a woman he’s most likely the kind of guy who would have no regrets in physically assaulting a man. As I stated above men are significantly more likely to be victims of nearly all forms of violence so women should take some peace of mind knowing they catcalling is statistically speaking the worst thing that will have to put up with in public.


All you guys that complain that chicks think you’re a creep until proven otherwise when you step to them, you can blame the dudes in this story for that. :coffee: