Man thinks he's getting circumcised... has his penis amputated

That is seriously fucked up, but the man did sign a paper for a reason. It’s a very delicate subject but it’s kind of hard going against signed legal documents, He authorized necessary treatment in unforseen circumstances which is exactly what the situation held.
My heart goes out to the dude in either case, find joy in other things my friend, the world is a beautiful place 8D

Taking a jew to court? HAH. Good luck.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Tomorrow, this poor man will ask his barber to just take a little off the top, and he’ll get his head shaved.


I was going to make some jokes but damn. :rofl:

Really though, when it comes to a man penis, you can just shop it off like that. The doctor should’ve given the guy some time to say good bye if it was really that necessary to chop it.

completely unacceptable

even if it was cancer, at least wait and ask the guy

At least he could go out with a bang.

Why the hell not? Already got the other head cut off.

it doesn’t matter if he had “life threatening dick cancer” or not, they are talking about cutting a man’s fucking dick. fuck that. they discovered it after removing the tip? that is too vague, i bet that mofo cut his dickhead off, o shitted, and then bounced to have someone else finish the mutilation.

no man should ever take matters into his own hands as far as dick removal is concerned, i would expect that to be understood. put this mother fucker to death.

no dick: haircut please.
dr/barber: sure, sit down. looks like cancer! bring the guillotine.

That second picture looks like they are laughing at the photos of his crotch.

Damn, dude got dickrolled.

looking at that guy, i’m way more inclined to believe that the dctor told him exactly what he was going to do but he just didn’t understand…never heard of cancer in your dick though. go figure.

What a dick move from the doc.

This is pretty wrong, man needed time to find out his options and get second opinions (who know’s dick may not have needed cutting off), not to go to sleep with a dick and wake up without one.

this is why you should learn how to fix your own problems

damn that doctor is a dickhead

thats seriously a dick move

no really, what a cock

Noooooooooo X_X

I personally think the surgeon was screwed whether he amputated it or not.

Surgeon: We found cancer in your dong, but we didn’t amputate because we wanted to notify you first.
Dude: The fuck, why not? I might die now because you didn’t act fast enough. I am suing.

A dick move indeed. Doc moved his dick from inside his pants to the inside of a trashcan.


huh act fast enough?? They could do the surgery the same day.