Man This Guy Must Be Hating His Life Right About Now

To be honest I don’t think this is really "news"worthy. When you report live on location the possibility of inappropriate pedestrian behaviour is always possible and as a reporter you have to prepare for this within reason. Not to mention if these dudes are willing to throw their careers and credibility on the line for a few seconds of Internet fame then the jokes on them when the consequences of their actions roll out. The only thing that’s annoying about this story is how certain news outlets are turning it into a thing that only happens to female reporters, but at any rate the guys are idiots and that’s all there is to it.

That’s cuz it only matters when it happens to women, obviously!

How do you lose your job over that?

Yeah the whole thing was staged

I guess he’s the one that got “fucked”

You are a representative of your employer, even when not on the clock.

That’s bad, i’m glad i don’t live there.

BAAAAHAHA, i didnt know that was fake. Which makes people imitating it, and getting in trouble over it all the more hilarious. Didnt your mom or dad ever say to you, “Well if tom jumps off a bridge, are you going to, too?”. Just cause someone else is doing some shit, dont mean you need to follow.

Someone should email that guy the video showing all those fhritp were fake, and be like dude, you lost your job over a fake bit.

I know you’re trolling but actually its the complete opposite and you saying that makes you look stupid. Its the fact that this guy gets paid by everyone’s tax dollars that he can get fired. Its not his freedom of speech, its the fact he represents the entire province that he can’t act like a drunken bafoon on city tv. But I mean hey, if the US wants zero accountability for public figures and officials, by all means…freedom of speech!

That said I don’t think he should lose his job but at the same time what else can a company do when he gets broadcast on TV representing their company like that.

That’s a very north American belief and it’s ridiculous and stifles individuality. It’s an example of us giving up freedom for employment and the ever disappearing line of personal time and on the clock time.

I agree with this but it’s more because of the media and technology than the employer itself.

You mean the country that’s making it a hate crime to boycott Israel? Yeah, we’re reeeeeally good on Free speech.

i turned down a contract because they tried sneaking in a morality clause when the money didnt justify it. Sure ill turn every cheek i every time if i know im getting paid, otherwise fuck that noise. If im supposed to be “on” 24/7 then my bank account better be growing 24/7.

Kudos to the reporter confronting that bs head-on. Guy losing a job over it though? Priceless.

That’s just sad. He should’ve kept his sunglasses on, shrugged, and walk away from the camera.

It’s even more sad for that reporter to try and victimize herself on camera over a tasteless joke.

He will sue the company for wrongful dismissal & win. If you’ve been making 100k+ you’ll have enough saved to pay a lawyer to champion your right to be an idiot outside of work.

And the company has the money to pay for better lawyers who will use the morality clause in his contract.

Should have just kept yelling O&A

Most American comedians I know of that don’t come to Canada, is due to them having criminal records, and being unable to cross the border. IE - that’s what kept Patrice O’Neal out, and he wanted to come here many times.

There was one comedian who did that years ago, and he didn’t tell a joke, he stood on stage and just insulted a lesbian. Yeah, it should be allowed, but you also don’t pay money to see a normal comedian expecting him to spend 30 minutes calling you a dyke. Dude got a tiny fine, the public got pissed about it, and people learned their are limits to free speach (You don’t get a free pass to just harrass somebody).

Just like in America, there are limits to free speech, and whenever those limits get tested, things get ugly.

Just ask Anthony Cumia about that…

Not one soul knew who he worked for. No one had his name or any other personal information so to tie him to his job would have been impossible unless you REALLY wanted to fuck with him. He was as anonymous as the dude who just passed you on the sidewalk.

Being paid by tax dollars doesn’t mean you can’t act like an asshole. Don’t be so precious. The fact is people from many walks of life work in government. So what? They get the job done, right? So who the hell are you to say, “Well, I just don’t like that person so I want them fired!” This isn’t an elected position. He’s not a public figure. He’s some dude who works in an office that 99.8% of the population wouldn’t know from anyone else. The way you’re raging you’d think he was the prime minister.

Represents the entire province, lol. Shut the fuck up. You obviously don’t know the different between a public official and a private citizen.

lol Ottawa. Fucking assholes. Although the US has made it illegal in the past to participate in boycotts of Israel. The one difference is the way it’s worded it would be illegal to participate in a foreign country’s campaign to boycott.

Either way, Israel should stand on its own two feet. They’ve played the victim card long enough.