Man Throws Out Money While Running From the Cops


Brilliant, modern day Robin Hood, or just plain dumb.


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Guy’s been playing Assassin’s creed lol.


once the cops were chasing him that money was useless except as a means to escape, i don’t reallly see anything stupid about the move.




He’s [S]gettin’ [/S]givin’ money?

Sees people running to pick up money

…Uncle Carlos!?


This happened on Vernon, and yes it’s the hood because I don’t live far away. That’s why people were praising them because it’s so fucking rough down here.


There’s a video on site of the scene post arrest where some random woman actually jumps inside the SUV and grabs something.


Lately there has been kind of a spike (like 3-4 in the past month I think) but yeah there’s always at least 1 notable chase a year.

EDIT: In fact earlier this week a separate chase ended with a dude doin a commando last stand in the middle of an intersection in LA firing on cops


Throwing money out to get people in the way of the cops is smart. Less money still beats getting arrested


Smart move on his part.