Man throws sandwich at ex-girlfriend



Wonder if she made the sandwich…


Well, obviously she made the sandwich wrong…“sandwich spread” instead of Hellman’s? Woman, wtf’s wrong with you?!


50k?? No bitch or sammich is worth that!


The Sanducci is the greatest sandwich ever known
RIP: Ricciardi’s



[S]Shit if he was black they probably would have shot em.[/S]



When I read this I imagined police at the door with their guns drawn.


now i alway read that as "E.X. girlfriend."
thank you, SSFIV.


Real talk.


Eat the Sandwich, Annie Mae!!!

p.s. shoulda thrown a footlong. That’s 5 dolllars.


What the fuck? First he tossed her some lunch, now he’s gotta pay 50k?


That would be one scary woman. Fast recovery, armor and invincibility.


Did you even read the whole article? There was a mention of a death threat in text message form.


5 second rule


Was that a death threat or a backhand threat? Basically the same thing to a woman.


Bet you if you saw the girl, you’d hurl your lunch too.


brick sandwich anyone?


50K for tossing a sandwich to a bitch? LMAO gringos.


Don’t push him, he’ll fill your ass up with ham and cheese.


Do I misunderstand the article or do all of you? Since when is “Bail 50k$” and “Court forced him to pay 50k$” the same thing?


LMAO! i never thought of it like that.

if you think shoryukens are scary, wait 'til you eat an E.X. Girlfriend reversal!!! pow right in the kisser!

EDIT: by the way, ‘sandwich’ only has one H.