Man Tries to Blackmail Nintendo



BBC News - Spanish police arrest man over Nintendo gamer hack

This plan was fool proof, would have got away with it if it weren’t for the meddling police.


Probably would have worked if he’d gotten info on Xbox users instead, then Mircosoft would just blame it on the users instead of calling the cops.

Didn’t know Nintendo users even had information.


So he stole a bunch of… friend codes?


I’m sure the shop channel stores at least credit card information. If it’s that and the information was that easy to get, that’s kind of concerning.


Another reason to buy console points from the store.


Exposed himself stealing data, brilliant.


But he did it online! They was no way he could be caught because the internet is anonymous, right?.. ;D


i wonder why he did it


^ He could have done it for personal profit, or done it for the sake of other people, never know. Thing is Nintendo is not about to fix shit…

Nintendo probably has weak encryption on all of that information… but as far as that pos gamecube 1.5 goes, it’s expected…


MS has stated time and time again that the reason they price their points the way they do (amount, price, various ratio’s) is because of the credit card company (case in point…why does a 2800 point card cost MORE than two 1400 point cards???)

I always suspect its obviously both greedy hands in the cookie jar. Why not just get rid of credit card info. I mean, you can get the fucking cards at virtually every store on earth, its not like its really hard anymore. That way they’ll have no excuse as to why they’re printing money, and for so much cost to us consumers.


Apparently, he found that the user data of a certain promotional 3DS campaign was unprotected and he proceeded to inform Nintendo and decided to denounce it as well. He also publicly mentioned it in some gaming forums once the problem was solved. Nintendo quickly played the victim and claimed that he was a hacker who threatened them.

Clumsy move from his part it seems. Should have just contacted the data protection agency and let them do the rest. I don’t know if he actually tried to do some blackmail or simply contacted Nintendo first because of naiveness.

Explanation in Spanish:
La verdad sobre el supuesto robo de datos y chantaje a Nintendo (Actualizado) @

You can actually read the mails in the thread linked in that article, and I have to say that they sound ambiguously blackmail-ish.