Man Vatican.


lol ya I guess you can be sure any chick you hook up with will let you hit it raw dog


Not her choice if it’s raw. Thumbs up, Catholic condom ban.


you know i want to see the reaction if a black guy became Pope. Holy Shit I want to see this so bad this would be pure comedy material of the “hate” that would come along. “oh they are being so PC because of Obama” ROFL


Here comes WWIII.


lol omg what if they picked a jew! antisemetics would be hella salty


A Jewish cardinal? How could that be? o_O

I think it has something more to do with leadership and experience which usually come with age.


It’s any male catholic, I’m pretty sure. My mom was pop-quizzing me since the guy who looking like he was constantly wearing an Emperor Palpatine cosplay stepped down. I’m happy the pope isn’t an old European guy for once but the fact remains he was picked by a bunch of old European guys.


There is no minimum age limit, but, actually there is a limit of maximum age when someone can be elected pope, if you are 80+ years old by the day before there is no more pope by dead or resignation, you can not be considered for election.

Besides that, any male catholic can be elected pope (in theory).

Iirc the cardinals are the ones that choose the pope, so is not only a bunch of old european guys, but, just a bunch of old guys of various catholic countries.


I read something about how the College of Cardinals is essentially gerrymandered in favor of European cardinals lol.

the saddest story here is we don’t get Pope Colbert :frowning: