Man wakes from coma, asks for KFC chicken burger



hahahahahahaha fuck yo family my man wanted some kfc.


In before comments about hot fiance.

Have you no shame?


YES! Not black this time! Time to celebrate! Who brought some ginger ale? Any honey roasted peanuts? Scrabble?


what shame…that is a hot fiancee…



This should have been a Dave Chappelle skit.


is that shit real??

why would I want cheese on the top of the bun…o_O


Considering his physical condition, he probably shouldn’t be eating fried chicken in the first place…


Dude is so skinny. Nice story.


What the fuck is P50? (P-Fitty)
Is this a ghetto only exclusive? :rofl:


^That’s fucking retarded. Why would you want cheese on the outside of the bun? Why not just put the mayo and the pickles up there with it?


This post hurt my eyes, people should have the freedom to eat fried chicken eventhough it’s unhealthy…

If you stopped smoking and at the same time stopped junk food…which craving would you give into first? KFC or a cigarette?



Who needs family when you got KFC.


I’m going to get one in an hour. Cheese on a bun i have to try this.


It didn’t say he got the e.coli from the KFC previously.

& even if he did, that will stop nobody from going to KFC when they want that chicken.
Err cheese’d burger. Cheesetop.


Damn honest, that’s for sure.


I feel ashamed for reading the title and thinking he was black. I would have been asking for some food too after not having real shit for 8 days.


i think i will eat lunch at kfc today.


Stands for Philippine Pesos