Managed to win my first tourney with Vega. (Small scale)

16-man tourney this past weekend at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Skip to about 38:00 for matches to start. Top 8 in AE2012. Had to deal with a Dudley and Ibuki player, I forgot about a lot of things regarding the matchup (and I have very little, if any experience vs Ibuki). What should I have looked out for, and what kinds of tactical counters did I miss out on? Any stupid habits? I’ve been brushing the rust off my Claw the past week or two since I never really took this game seriously until now.

Great watch, your Kara-Throw game is on point! Not much tips here from me, except vs Ibuki: After you blocked her wake up EX-Reversal, a focus will force her to block on landing or crumple her if she throws her Kunas in the Air. In the vid you only blocked an she got away with it.

A Yo good job man, keep it up!

Yeah, the kara throw game is on point indeed.
Just learn to CH > SC.

Yeah, I keep forgetting to use Scarlet Terror after Cosmic Heel. It was a habit leftover from XBL because lag would make it difficult to consistently get a good charge for me, so I just did slide HK instead.

Also good point about focusing Ibuki’s kunai after her EX Kazekiri. Will keep that in mind.

I mix up between doing ST and slide after a CH. sometimes i want an untechable and go for slide. sometimes i want damage and go for ST.

Sounds good if i want hard knockdown near corner for j.HP crossup, yeah?

You know… I would rather get the ST soft KD than the untechable KD of slide. The KD of slide give me the options of corspe hop or take my space to set up a kara throw. On ST KD I can do both of them, plus build meter whiffing another ST and even setting up gimmicks safe jumps.

Slide’s KD is pretty lame to be honest. You waste too much timing recovering of your own move to take advantage to do anything else.

there are 2 options to go for untechable:
slide or EX FBA

Slide enables you to corpse hop much easier setting up mix ups (which in the corner can be VERY ambiguous), and also sets up crossover EX FBA on their wakeup

EX FBA enables you do safe jump your opponent, and also sets up crossover EX FBA.

ST enables you to maximize damage without the use of meter and also covers more distance putting your opponent closer to the corner. It also enables you to do a crossunder by doing LP version RCF under them as they fall from the ST…EXTREMELY ambiguous. Generally, you dont want EX ST unless you absolutely need the guaranteed damage (for the win, life lead).

They all have their uses. But this is how and why i use what i use. I’m also still a bit conservative on meter usage.

I was comparing the KD of ST and slide alone. The KD of Izuna Drop is the most delicious thing that a Vega player could ask for.

After CH I would go for ST over slide anyday of the week. +50dmg and its pretty much better on every damn thing. Guys, 50dmg is a LOT.

The cross up FBA after the slide didnt requiried to hit the slide at point blank or after CH will do?
Either way, its too risky. ST all day long (or U2 if you AA it and you are Makoto).

it’s only risky if you’re not good enough to nail it consistently. I wasnt really trying to compare the options, I was just simply listing the uses for each, not that any particular one is better.

I find it easier to corpse hop after slide as opposed to after ST (i tend to get a late hop and usually get nailed for it… which is why i go under ST with slide or RCF. If i have an opponent that likes to press buttons or doesnt think, i’m willing enough to go for the corpse hop and mix up between a meaty, a throw, a block and a instant air jump back fierce. If i have an opponent that plays fairly solid, I’m willing to go for the damage, or EX FBA. It all boils down to opponent and situation.

50 damage is ok. It’s less than an average normal. a mix up nets you a potential doubling of the damage that also sets up an additional untechable at the end. Of course you can apply Jozhear’s strategy and just finish every combo with EX FBA, and take the untechable and safe jump after