Manchester United jersey is banned in malaysia?


Muslims in Malaysia ban Man Utd shirts

malaysia please … stop being retarded , the country almost banned muslim from practicing yoga because they may convert to hindu >__>





we should have a muslim moderator, half the site would be banned!


outrageous laws passed down by muslim government? i don’t believe it!


The Press Association: Malaysia ‘won’t ban Man U shirts’


well there we go
false alarm

close thread


I was in Malaysia one month ago. There were people wearing dem Man U shirts everywhere. No way you can stop it.


well , it all started when the government planned to legalize online soccer betting because claimed that illegal soccer bettings earning million bucks . this plan was later cancelled because majority of the muslim groups against it .

and now , those guys brought this shit up about boycotting Man U because being a fan means you are worshiping satan . lol