Manga Clean Frames (CG) work

Just thought I’d post up a few clean frames from our webcomic, Enjoy :slight_smile:



great stuff!!! so clean and nicely colored!!:smiley: i love it

great scenes too, love the bgs and vechiles!!! wow wow wow :stuck_out_tongue:
great staging!! it would look great animated, love that pic with the reflection

edit: just checked out the site, awsome!!!

hmmm… good to see more of your work, snoozer.
i must say that i am partial to your landscape scenes, not only because of the great colors or the different angles, but also because i it looks so real. i love the way you drew the sky and clouds; the sunset and everything. very impressive stuff.

Fans of Last Exile much?


The quality on these is excellent, I especially like the bi-planes, very well rendered. I must critique that the characters and background don’t seem to fit together sometimes - like on the sunset picture (the second one down on the left) the characters and the ship should have an orange tint - they seem cut n’ pasted on the background without it.

Still, interesting work, I’ll be following the webpage.