Mango's Random 3S: Scrubbing it out with picks from a hat

Miami Mango’s Random 3S: Scrubbing it out with picks from a hat

  1. zerog
  2. Flashmetroid
  3. Azagtoth
  4. VMan
  5. nothingxs
  6. Glitch
  7. Maverick
  8. RyantheRobot
  9. Beyondis
  10. Gouki10
  11. randomsuper

What everyone drew for the first tournament:

randomsuper - Ibuki
Flashmetroid - Ryu
Glitch - Yang (I hate Andres for life)
VMan - Yun
nothingxs - Dudley
Azagtoth - Necro
zerog - Chun-Li (FAGGOT ASS BITCH)
Gouki10 - Q
RyantheRobot - Twelve
Beyondis - Hugo
Maverick - Urien

What everyone drew for the second tournament, which we aren’t sure if we are playing for yet:

randomsuper - Elena
Flashmetroid - Necro
Glitch - Twelve
VMan - Hugo
nothingxs - Akuma
Azagtoth - Dudley
zerog - Oro
Gouki10 - Remy
RyantheRobot - Sean
Beyondis - Yun
Maverick - Makoto

I’m the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!!!


shut the fuck up scrub you got chun-li first pick

zerog wins.

Well said, spoken like the best Ibuki in the east coast! :nunchuck:

why do you like sucking cock so much richel? with that gay ass av…

dont hate on the av

Go Richelle.

That’s a really cool idea for a tourney lol.