Mankiller Dies


misleading title? maybe. but that is a fucking epic name. the best part is that it was apparently a tribal rank…our military should adopt some shit like that, “corporal, seargeant and captain” just aren’t cutting it anymore.


10 Gil says she really died of alcoholism.


Nah, she’d been sick a good chunk of her life. She ran for chief while sick. The name comes from the english translation of a title her grandfather had. Since he was a warrior, they were titled mankillers. Then when the Americans went around forcing last names on everybody, they gave him that one.

Beast of a lady. I have her biography lying around, I’ll double check some of the fact later if anybody cares.


+1 to epic last name.:rock:


Firewater good. Crazy lady with scary name lead tribe. Scare white man. Make more casinos. Drive Grand Cherokee.


I fucking LOL’d.