Manly men of SRK, Is this a fracking purse? Help me

#1 Swiss Gear Over the Shoulder Travel Bag - Gray: Clothing

So I bought this on clearance at target for $13 thinking I’d carry all my gadgets in. I always carry several cameras, video cameras, tools, flash lights, wallet, tripods, etc with me. I have those cargo/work pants with huge pockets on both sides. People never realize them, or how much I really carry until I pull it all out to take a picture or shoot a video.

After years of doing this now, my legs kind of hurt and get bruised once in a while from all that gear banging on my legs while I walk, so I wanted a “gadget bag” where I could toss my crap into and take along with me wherever I go.

So tell me guys, is this thing a fracking purse? You wear it like a sling backpack. I really like it, and everything fits into it perfect, but I just feel kind of odd walking around with it. It’s not a man purse, but I feel like it is…

Advice men? Should I keep it and not care what other people think? Or should I get my money back and be macho?


Looks fine to me.


first and foremost where on earth are you going carrying so much stuff about?
You sound like that kid off of the goonies

to me that’s a purse/man bag, but you really shouldn’t care what others think especially if you carry alot of stuff all the time


So far everyone I’ve asked says it’s manly and isnt “purse-ey” to them. I think if it was more like a fanny pack I’d somehow feel better. I guess i’ll keep it.

I carry this crap, all of it, with me 24/7 when I’m out of the house. I always bring some basic tools with me in case I ever need them, and they come in handy all the time. For cameras, I have a 10MP digital camera, and a flip video camera, and a small 8 inch tripod. Never know when you need to shoot some awesome video or take a cool photo to share with friends. They’ve both saved me, and come in handy time after time. It’s just alot to carry around all at once.


will you be holding it on your forearm? It looks mroe like a miniature backpack to me. I’d rather just wear a backpack though.


I think in your case especially functionality > style or peoples opinions

I sort of remember that sort of purse/bag being very popular here in the uk in the early to mid 90’s with black men between say 15 and 25 they were a bit smaller though and leather i think, i cant remember if they had an actual name i just remember them being called pouches, yeah it went over both shoulders and had just the one pouch usually with different compartments in it about 2 or 3.

Ah i definently think also i might have been the wrong person to answer this being from the uk and getting on a bit haha

we’d definitely call that a man bag


I’d be wearing it like the guy in this picture. Not the same bag, but same type of set up.

I see it as a mini back pack.


Makes more sense to wear either a backpack or an actual messenger bag.


yea, thats not a purse at all… carry on in your manly ways


Is it a purse? No.

Will people walking down the street think it is? Yes.




Progressive commericials use that too, “It’s a european shoulder bag for men…”


that’s a purse. just go get yourself a good ol fashioned jansport backpack and put a motorhead patch on it.


looks like a man-purse. get a back pack or duffel bag.


Its not a man purse!!! Its a satchel and indiana jones wears one!!!


If you have to ask if something is a purse, people are going to think it’s a purse

just get a backpack.


If you’re going to buy that, you should buy this too!


thats not even a satchel. i’d rather use a satchel over that ugly looking thing. just buy a backpack or satchel.





If it’s big enough to fit your gamecube and a big black dildo I say have at it bro!