Mantis > Ultra1?

I was playing in some casuals after a tournament tonight, and I noticed this in a series of games against an Abel player. I’m not sure if the was a counterhit or not, but I could hit him with a Mantis and go straight into Ultra1.

Struck me as odd. I hadn’t recalled reading about that anywhere before, and was always under the impression that Ultra1 could only be combo’d into after an Oga, or a Crane, or a Mantis Super.

So, yeah, thought I’d post it.

and after a jump in heavy attack. As for j.MK I’ve never had it happen other than having them absorb one of the hits first. I’m at school but if no one tests this. I will. Probably have to put counter-hit on.

yea it a counter-hit and it seems you have to hit them low and deep, not really useful but it does work.

ya seems too risky anyways. Rather just combo off it and save the ultra for another time.