Mantis slash cross... cross-through?


That’s a link to a ranbat, the first match is take vs. TM which is a cool way to start it, but that’s not what I’m asking about. The second match has roshihikari in it, and he ends up beasting in the beginning (lol, him beasting? what’s new) and after a command crab mantis slash combo, he dive kicks over and lands another command grab. However, the second time, when he does the third mantis slash, it goes through Yun, and he ends up on the other side. Then he walks towards him and crosses him up again because the Yun quickrolled…

Anyway, what makes Yang cross people up with mantis slashes like that? Who can he do it on? Just wondering if it’s controllable enough to be used as mixup… I’ve seen it before, but never really thought about it much.

It happens from time to time, but I really think it’s random. You can either walk through them or dash through them to cross up.

you delay it for a fraction of a second to cross. if they roll out, your options are:
walk to cross/cross then uncross
dash over
HK divekick, this will cross them again and make contact(aka corner divekick style), the correct block is the same as when you corner divekick, opposite side. even if they parry, they can t MK.

characters are usually the skinny characters like twins, remy, etc. but it can also be done on necro/elena