Manual for an Egret II?

Does anyone have an electronic copy of the manual for an Egret II cabinet? I’ve just bought one of these cabinets (not been delivered yet) and I’d like to learn about the internal components, monitor rotation mechanism, coin mechanism, and so on.



I’ve only ever seen Egret II manuals in Japanese…

Good point, and I had anticipated that. I was hoping that there would be diagrams that would be at least somewhat instructive. Maybe not though…

It sucks that closed down or else you could’ve probably found some sort of assembly tutorial.

send a pm to therealneogeo. i noticed in one of his last postings he sold someone manuals to like 5 differenet cabinets. and unfortunately it’ll mostly be in japanese, but my new astro city manual does have component diagrams of all the internals and part numbers for everything which is nice.

Go to the forums, somebody there will have the information. Every arcade/cab/board question I have ever had has been quickly answered there.

not too much to know really about this cabinet… rotation mechanism is very straight forward, just remember rotating to vert is always counter clockwise and back to hori is clockwise.

Aside from that there are various JST connectors in the cabinet for hooking up taito specific hardware that you will likely never use if you are using this as a standard Jamma cab.

The cabinet has 2 remote monitor boards as well which eludes some people… One inside the service door for quick access and one underneath the monitor for finer tuning the adjustments.

PM me your email address and I can send you the japanese manual for the cabinet. If you need it for wiring diagrams and such it will do fine. If you have any specific questions shoot me a PM and I can answer them for you.

FYI, the spirit of Killercabs lives on. The party’s moved over to ArcadeOtaku. It’s run by a lot of the same folks.

There’s already a growing docs library, with a nice Egret II section. Might want to take a look.

Such great answers! Thanks everyone!