Manually Installing Driver on Fightstick

I had a problem which I posted to the “ABSOLUTE QUESTION AND ANSWER THREAD (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)” thread.
However, I figured out how to do it before anyone else could figure it why my stick was acting up.
Original post: Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

In short, my Fightstick V.S. Edition (for XBox) did not work as a simple plug-and-play device (which is normally the case). My computer detected it as "Unspecified."
Here’s how you manually install the XBox Controller driver onto your stick in the event someone else encounters the problem.
Forewarning, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, 64-bit. However, it shouldn’t matter between editions nor the word size of the OS.
Also, I also have a custom theme so the pictures will look a little unique but the process is the same all the same.
Finally, make sure you already have (or try reinstalling) the Microsoft driver installed for XBox controllers before proceeding:

Step 1.) Identify you actually have this problem.

If this showed up when you plugged it in and you know it’s an XBox controller that’s compatible for PC, proceed.

Step 2.) Go to “Control Panel” > “Devices and Printers.”

You’ll see the stick listed under “Unspecified.” Right-click it and give the “Properties” option a tap on the ass.

Step 3.) Go to the “Hardware” tab and click “Properties.”

Properties within properties. Propertiception.

Step 4.) Go to the “Driver” tab and click “Update Driver…”

If you have the same problem I did, it should show your provider as “Unknown” and the date and version as “Not available.”

Step 5.) Click on “Browse my computer for…”

Your driver should already be installed (the XBox 360 controller driver) so we’re going to go look for it.

Step 6.) Click on Let me pick from a list…"

Again, it’s already installed. Besides, if you tried looking for the .exe installer it wouldn’t detect it as a driver.

Step 7.) Scroll down a bit and pick “Microsoft Common Controller For…”

This is the category the XBox controller driver is located under. Highlight that shit and click “Next.”

Step 8.) Select “XBox 360 Controller for Windows Version…”

I dunno why I got multiple versions but I just chose the most recently updated one. I recommend you do the same.

Step 9.) Click “Yes” on the warning prompt.

If you had this problem you’d know by now that your computer is a dumb shit that doesn’t know what it’s doing. Disregard warnings, acquire operational stick.

Step 10.) Celebrate.

Get yourself some raspberry sorbet and sit down 'cause it’s time to hand out losses faster than Usain Bolt with rocket boots. Pshoooes!

Three Things.

  1. I do want to say the following statement is only half right

Edition and word size does matter in the realm of Computer science. Although if you allow Windows to search for drivers for you, it “knows” what drivers to look for to a degree.
If you really went the manual route, for example: you can’t install the Win XP 32 bit drivers and hope it works on a Win7 64 bit OS.

  1. Your title is incorrect, this is still considered a automatic install as you haven’t done any of the hard work, such as finding the exact driver your self or declaring any addresses.
    Going through a wizard is still considered a automatic install. You just went through several menus to get there. The Weird thing with Windows is there several ways to get to the same device properties.
    I prefer to go through Device Manager instead of Devices and Printers.

  2. Glad you found the solution on your own. Next time be more patient with the condescending Elitist Assholes who are trying to help you as they do not see your system nor touch it physically they have no choice but to make baseline assumptions guided by their own questions and the information you have provided. And when they tell you something is false do not argue with them unless you can cite documented and reliable sources why you feel differently. Now excuse me why I re-think my life of why should I go and freely give out help to n00bs on a web forum.