Many Arcade stick for sale - Toronto


Hi Everyone,

Have the following stick left for sale:

Xbox 360 MK stick - pretty much brand new, used like 3 times. The picture is not my stick, i just googled the image, my stick is mint. - $20 OBO in GTA

Adding this to the line up as well - Parted out
Two player stick, made by me while i was building. It’s pretty big, 50’’ by 12’’, control panel is 48’’ by 10’’ There is some damage to one corner as can be seen in the pictures.
Player 1, Ls-36-01 stick and sanwa buttons, Paewang PCB
Player 2, JLW stick and sanwa buttons, MC cthulu

PS3 Hori RAP VLX, swapped out the PCB for a PS360+, removed the original art, made a plexiglass panel for the top so the art can be changed. Stick was replaced with an LS-40-01 stick and the buttons are clear seimitsus. I was going to put in a neutrik adaptor, made the hole but never installed it. - $OLD

Nuby 15th Anniversary stick, modified with IL Happ competition buttons and an IL Happ Euro Stick. There is no PCB inside the case anymore. - SOLD

Xbox TE stick, only works for Xbox 360, modified with an LS-40-01 and clear seimitsu buttons - SOLD

PS3 TE-S stick, clear panel cover for the art, clear blue seimitsu buttons, PCB is not working, don’t know why - SOLD

Xbox TE stick, Dual Modded for PS3 and Xbox 360 also modified with a clear panel, LS-40-01 stick and Sanwa buttons. This stick is Beautiful - SOLD


dual modded vlx for 2hunna lolwut!

really good prices, good luck with your sale!


Pm inbound


someone going to snatch that VLX!!! that is a steal… well majority of this stuff is a steal! good luck with the sale!


wow that black cat te is nice! if i had some extra cash i’d pick it up. good luck with the sale!


Im thinking abouy raising the price since everyone says its too good…lol…hmmmm 230 sounds good


Black Cat TE is sick. Good luck with the sale.




VLX has been sold. Also lowered prices for everything. Now offering bonus arcade parts :wink:




Lowered prices, will ship to the US now, buyer pays actual shipping. Parting out the two player stick as i’ve had no inquiries on it…ever…lol.


Did you say the black te-s is only $50? let me know.


PS3 TE-S, Nubytech stick and Xbox 360 TE have been sold.

lowered prices on remaining sticks


Just got my sticks today from Chuu. Thanks a lot man!


Hey everyone, the black cat stick is still up for sale. I’m willing to ship it to anywhere in Canada or the US for $165.

Also I have the following stuff up for sale, it’s a mishmash of arcade stick parts.


Pm sent


Hi Everyone, the arcade parts have all been sold :smiley:


Thanks, Chuu! Just got the parts today.


glad you got the parts :slight_smile:

price dropped on the remaining sticks.


The Black Cat stick came today! Thanks chuu~