Many problems with my Dreamcast

Ok, prepare for a very long read.

Hey, guys. I’ve just bought a used Dreamcast today, and I knew it came it some problems (the seller said the DC doesn’t show anything on TV, no video and no sound). Anyway, it came with 2 joypads and a bunch of pirate games, and for like US$12 I think it was a good deal. Please note that also I had a 100% working Dreamcast from before.

When I came home, I plugged it and the description of the product was accurate, nothing shows on TV, but the fan and the ON led were working good. No movements under the lid, the CD just stayed there and didn’t spin, and the lens doesn’t move neither. (Maybe it’s important to note that is a model 2 Dreamcast [the little circle with a 2 on the stick at the bottom]).

I wasn’t surprised by that, so I plugged the 2 joypads that came with the faulty Dreamcast on my functional DC along with the original joypad I had, and when I turned the console ON, pfff!! No pad would do anything, and I guess I’ve just blowed up the control board of my old Dreamcast. I know it’s a pretty easy fix, but here comes my first question:

  1. Is there a special reason of why this would happen? It’s caused by a faulty joypad?

All three joypad that were connected when this happened, are original Sega Dreamcast. Never had this problem before.

So OK, I was a little angry for that, and then I decided to check out what was going on on my new console.

I opened it, and I noticed that every cable that comes out of the lens to the main board were disconnected. I was like WTF, this is going to be a easy fix. Plugged all of them back (data cable, power cables and a green cable that I have no idea what it does [I think it has something to do with letting the system know if the case lid is opened or not]), and went to test it again. Now the CD spins, but just for a few seconds and then just stops (of course I pressed down that thing to make the DC read the disc).

OK, I thought it was because of the power source of the DC. So I checked the big pins wich tend to cause the problem, but they seem to be fine.

I kept taking stuff out of the console, and then I found what I think is what’s causing the problem: it seems that one of the screws wich hold secure the lens to the metal plate above the main board, has scratched it (too much pressure when screwing it?). I can’t take a nice photo right now, but maybe will tom., so you guys can evaluate the damage, and tell me if this can be repaired without buying a new main board.

I have much more to ask, but this first post is so frickin’ long that I prefer to let this here for now, hear what advices can you guys give me, and then ask somethings again.

Thanks for reading! And please sorry for all my mistakes, there are moments in wich I don’t know if I’m thinking in spanish, english or deutsch :wgrin:

C’mon people, help me please. I’ve just found that one of the new joypads has the most strange analog system ever… Pics to follow tomorrow.

Please help!