Many ways of grabbing opponent in corner/midscreen

mkay lets start off…imo…i see the grab button as the fastest unblockable move in the game…who wouldnt use that, the only way to escape from it to tech it by grabbing in same time wit it…
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situation: opponent cornered…knocked down and is waking up

  1. do nothing, just grab
  2. whiff crounching short or standing jab and then grab (this is highly effective because when ur opponent is down, they only look at u, so if u do something high attack, they tend to block high, this goes for the low attacks too)
  3. crounching short (hit), then walk up grab
  4. uoh, low short, standing jab “whiff”, opponent gets up, dashback, opponent grab (which whiffs), then follow it up with a desired punishment.
    5)This one is really worth learning cuz it helps u distancing, walk up, stay about couple of pixels away from the grab range, by that time, the opponent thinks u will grab, so they press grab, tap backward and make it whiff, then punish.
    This one could also be mixed up with crounching short, walk up, walk back, grab whiffs and then punish
    6)Jump up, Medium kick kross up, grab
  5. jump up, make them think ur gonna do medkick, but instead do nothing, just grab.
  6. dash 2ice, "MIXUP’,either do an uppercut followed into kara, or just grab

Situation : midscreen…knocked down and waking up,

  1. jump up, mediumkick kross up,
    and try whichever ones that are possible to do…

umm… You forgot: OSD/low tech -> throw

Doable in corner or midscreen.
It would destroy you too.

Throwing is all mind games. Putting down a list doesn’t really help imo since there are so many possibilities. There are just some basics to throwing like tick throws, whiffing moves, and just…throwing.

I like to wiggle the joystick on their wakeup and pretty much do what you mentioned then down parry option select to bait throws and get low parries.