Mao and shooting d


What’s mao been doing lately havnt heard anything of him since last Evo I don’t see why the Japan don’t diss him his whole game is based around wall dives that’s much cheaper than the so called soft banned o sagat. Also was shooting dee the best Ryu ever on super turbo u believe


He’s played in a lot of Japanese tournaments since then and has pretty much won all the ones he joins. Very dominant player using a dominant character. He’s tough to beat.

Japan hates Claw and Claw players, but they’re much less vocal about it. Part of their culture I guess?

Having spoken to the Japanese players, they dislike O.Sagat simply due to how they perceive him to be MUCH easier to play in order to be effective, whereas even Claw players need to be on-point to master their characters. They also dislike O.Sagat since they feel that the old characters shouldn’t be played competitively since you have to use a code to access them, so it shouldn’t be allowed. I have no idea why a lot of them feel strongly about this. There are a few exceptions of course, like PECO and Mayamura. Kurahashi says he only picks O.Ken against Claw players because he feels like Claw is already a super cheap character, so he also needs to use a cheap character to beat him.

According to the Japanese players that went to Evo, they all pretty much agree that Shooting D is historically the best Ryu to ever play ST. Aniken also praised Daigo as an extremely strong Ryu back when he played the game actively. Current best Ryu? You get several different names. Sasori, Sashishi, Futachan, all get mentions.


Interesting, I had no idea there was this perception of old characters (other than O.Sagat) being “cheap” or unfit for competitive play. I’m curious, who out of the JP players said this? Maybe it has to do with the fact that the vast majority of old chars used are Ryu, Ken and Sagat - all very strong characters in their own right, and certainly with annoyingly good DPs in the case of the shotos.


Funny how the o versions of ryu n ken r better than there normal versions I don’t see why it took eventhumbs tier list this long to realize that having both characters having slower and faster fireballs and faster recovery and much better dos and slightly better normals as well over throws Ryu and kens super and kens knee bash set ups o ryu is just barly better but inked is much better in my opinion having a crazy good invincible dp slow to fast fire ball speeds make shoots not giving them a few gimmick tick throw loops


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And let’s not forget O.Ryu and O.Ken both have what I and several others I know call the “Bullshit Tatsu”, which to me is the worst thing of the lot.


Ohh yeah I know Ryu air tatsu can be a 50 50 but kens too? Or does it have another type of godly priority


That’s actually really interesting, I was wondering this myself why O.Sagat specifically does not get played. In general, you also don’t see a lot of O.Ryu or other old characters. O.Thawk is a pretty obvious omission as well.

Totally different culture - over here, people are like… why the f would you NOT play the better version (old or new as the case may be)


I’m assuming that’s we understand to be “soft banned.” As in, they’re still allowed in tournaments, but the players there generally don’t pick them out of respect for the community or something like that. I can’t recall who exactly said it, but I’m pretty sure it was Mattsun and Kurahashi, and the others sort of seemed to silently agree.

Ryu, Ken, and Sagat are all strong in their old versions, but that’s the main reason why you don’t see them being used by a majority of players. This even extends to O.Hawk to a lesser extreme. O.Hawk is just flat out a better character, yet most of the Hawk players use N.Hawk.

Older version of characters are sometimes better because of better properties on their hit and hurt boxes. They weren’t as close together as they are nowadays, so usually a lot of them have beastly range and priority. Generally, it makes up for their lack of throw softening or burst damage from a super combo, so it’s really just Ryu, Ken. Sagat, and Hawk’s old versions that you have to worry about.

Eventhubs tier list is garbage. I mean, not only do a vast majority of ST players NOT go to that website regularly, but most of that developed tier list was polled from the general public with limited or no knowledge of ST whatsoever.

We actually had this argument recently on the main FB page where we talk about ST. Yes, both old shotos have 50/50 unblockable tatsus on wakeup. I swear it’s higher than this, since Damdai hit me at LEAST 60-70% of the time during our grand finals match at Don’s Arcade. But honestly, not a huge deal, since it’s really only effective against a small handful of matches (Gief, Boxer, Sim, Dictator), and even then there are ways to get out of it. It’s just a part of the game. No point complaining about it, since it’s not going to get patched anytime soon, and I highly doubt there will be bans on it.

Yeah, just a cultural thing. Since they don’t have cash prizes in tournaments, there’s less of an incentive to whore out to a top tier and win at all costs. It seems FAR more important to represent your character well and play nice with your local community. Things tend to be far more aggressive and combative here in the States :stuck_out_tongue:


So shooting dee retired years back huh I WANa find some player information about him


Oh yeah I definitely agree none of this is bad enough to warrant bans but some of it’s worth having a moan about now and again haha! Akuma is the only thing broken enough to ban and he is banned so it’s all good.


D graces the community with random appearances from time to time.