Mapping buttons


Will you be able to map buttons at evo 2009 in SF4? PPP, KKK etc?

  • There is a thread halfway down this page called Rules for games. I know search is disabled right now, but next time please try looking first before you create a new thread.

  • The official rules for this year’s games have not yet been announced.

  • The rules for every game in every year past were that you can use all soft macros (anything you can set your buttons to through the in-game menu) but no hard macros (turbo, wire-splicing, special controller function, etc.).




but mostl likly it will since evo let button mappin and well for sf4 is kinda imposiible to press 3 buttons on a pad for most users.


anything that can be done via the in game config screen is allowed.


thank you jesus

i mean god