Mapping LEDs to Force Feedback


This one seems a little random, but I’m curious. Is it possible to tie an LED to force feedback? So, when you get hit your stick lights up?

Particularly curious if this would work with the MC Cthulhu. For some unknown reason, I always really liked the ‘heartbeat’ feature in SF3TS on Dreamcast, so I think that would be awesome to show that with a light instead, if possible.


Is it possible to tie an LED to force feedback?

would work with the MC Cthulhu

LED force feed back has to be done with a controller that has a rumble feature
The LEDs pretty much take the place of the rumble motors.

PDP makes controllers called the after glow series, that as both rumble and LEDs that can ether
[]Stay off all the time
]Stay on all the time
[*]LED force feedback with the rumble motors

FYI PDP controllers are not common ground and thus becomes harder to Dual mod


Sure, remove the rumble motor, replace it with LED(s) and resistor.
MC Cthulhu ignores any rumble info from the console, so that’s out, but doing it with a pad that supports rumble is very doable.


Dang, well, I’m not throwing in a bunch of pads in my stick to make this possible. Oh well, it was worth the thought anyway :slight_smile:

***Forgot to say thank you!


What all the systems you want to support?


PS3 would be the big one, but I’m the kind of person that would rather take a little extra time to do it right the first time rather than go back and do it over and over again, hence the reason to want to do it on the Cthulhu