Mapping Multi Button Moves To A Single Button?

say im playing street fighter. a focus attack is 2 butons held together. is it looked down apon to just map focus attack to one of the 2 buttons on a fight stick that isnt used for l/m/h attacks? (there are 8 buttons and only 6 of them are used in sf at least in the arcades) another example is burst attacks in persona 4. thats 3 buttons pressed together at the same time. would it be looked down apon by the fgc to map burst attacks to an unused button? im worried about this cus in smash, i think there are people who look down on using the c-stick as a shortcut for a smash attack. i disagree but i just want to know if its a similar deal with other fighting games. thx for reading. im new to the fgc and just wanted to understand some things :slight_smile:

Personally If I’m on a stick I prefer using the traditional 6 button layout plus the extra two as PPP and KKK. But that’s how I do it. There’s no set way.
If I’m on a 360 controller however I have to set the triggers as PPP and KKK and that just feels awkward tbh, right triggers feel fine but mapping heavy kick or punch to the other two triggers is very weird feeling.

Not much of an issue on a regular controller because of how the 360’s stick is laid out more for shooters and too close to the Lb/Lt buttons imo.

Also if you come across a snob who “dislikes macros” just rub it in they face cuz if they bitchin about that then just rub it in they face lol.

Button binds are generally acceptable and not really considered macros. Basically if the game’s control set up allows you to do it it’s generally considered ok. Binding directional inputs and a button, like having a dragon punch mapped, or binding an FADC is not ok.

of course! id only do what the game allows me to do. so something like mapping a regular focus attack to a single unused button would be ok scinve SFIV allows it. (from what i remember) thx :smiley: