[Mar 10, 2012] Michiana Clash of Fighters (Mishawaka, IN)

When: March 10th
Where: MegaPlay Family Entertainment Center
Venue fee: $10, all spectators AND players. Wristbands will be issued. No wristband, no entry.
11 am - Signups start for all games, casuals
1 pm - Signups end. Soul Caliber 5 tourney starts on PS3’s. Street Fighter x Tekken singles start on 360’s, cut to top 8.
When stations free up - King of Fighters starts on PS3’s. Street Fighter IV starts on 360’s, cut to top 8.
When stations free up - Tekken 6 starts on PS3’s. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 starts on 360’s, cut to top 8.
As soon as PS3 tourneys are done and all cuts to top 4/8 are made - SF x T top 8 starts, followed by Street Fighter 4 top 8 and finally UMvC top 8.
After finals - SFxT doubles tourney. 5v5 challange matches follow.
Games and Rules: All tourneys are double elimination
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:
-Entry: $15
-Best of 3, finals are best of 5
-Winner is character, assist and order locked, loser can change, must change order in character select
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012
-Entry: $15
-Best of 3, finals are best of 5
-Arcade style, winner is character locked, loser can change, both players can change Ultras
Street Fighter x Tekken Singles:
-Entry: $10
-Best of 3, finals are best of 5
-Winner is character and order locked, loser can change
-Gem rules will be announced on the date of the tourney
Soul Calibur V:
-Entry: $10
-Best of 3, finals are best of 5
-Winner is character locked, loser can change
King of Fighters 13:
-Entry: $10
-Best of 3, finals are best of 5
-Winner is character and order locked, loser can change
Tekken 6:
-Entry: $10
-Best of 3, finals are best of 5
-Winner is character locked, loser can change
The venue will provide standard controllers for the consols. Fight sticks and custom pads are the responsibility of the participants. Turbos are not allowed and wireless controllers are banned for the sake of the complications they cause when pairing with systems.
NO SWEARING. We know that when things get hype, words can slip out. MegaPlay is a kid friendly enviroment and we need to respect it as such. Keep it under control as much as possible.
Outside food will NOT be allowed in the venue. This is going to be strictly enforced by MegaPlay. They have their own concessions with a large menu. Please respect and support their choice to allow us to use their venue and buy their food.
Stream will be provided by Zexerous and Nova. All games being played on 360 will have a dedicated stream station. Please RSVP on the Facebook Event too so i will have numbers to work with THANKS! pay out is determined by participants top 3 is guaranteed http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/354541534565147/


Got the weekend off work! I’m there!

facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/354541534565147/

MegaPlay: http://www.mega-play.com/index.html

What system will be used?

what game(s) is the 5v5 thingy?

We were originally planning to use PS3 but the Kalamazoo, MI guys are all 360 players so we will more likely go that route. I’ll have to ask BBS where we’re at on that. 5v5s can be for any game.

Oh shit… I might have to make my first visit to Mishawaka.

Fun fact: They have american gladiators jousting out there. We’re going to be having an additional tournament on that as well.

IN sucks,

this even sucks,

fuck no swearing.

no swear no care

100 bonus weak too.

Hey guys. Thanks for your input!

Might be interested. If we get some from Fort Wayne, I’ll be on the Marvel team! Will be putting some time into SFxT.

i hope you can make it man! omg its andre is coming lol

Will the 5v5 events be an official part of the tournament? It’s not on the schedule at all.

Like you’d see any of the pot anyways haha…

hey everybody we are literally 2 weeks away from Michiana Clash of Fighters! remember the 10 dollar venue pays for your attendance and all day casuals of any game! we will have extra setups just that just in case you dont want to watch the tournaments. Also we are having a $100 dollar pot bonus for first place for the following games AE2012, UMVC3, and SFXT singles. If you havent rsvp’d please do so thanks! http://www.facebook.com/events/354541534565147/

the 5v5 will be after everything, its going to be like challenge matches

lol xbox for tekken and scv. Was gonna come. Not now.

Ummmm… I’m pretty sure it says PS3 bud.

wassup guys! you are all prolly busy or watching Final Round but we are week away from our Michiana Clash of Fighters event. We will have 6 set ups for tourney use and extra set ups for casuals. Bringing your own controller is highly recommended.