[Mar 10, 2012] San Diego Unity Street Fighter X Tekken Launch Tournament - 2v2 and... (Santee, CA)

[LEFT]Super Saturday SFxT Frubble Extravaganza![/LEFT]

[LEFT]2 Tournaments, 1 game. Singles and 2v2 tag team.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]2v2 Tag: Signups 11-12:30 Tournament Starts 1-6PM $5 per player.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Singles: Signups 11-6PM Tournament Starts 6-10PM $10 per team.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]All money goes towards the tournament pot. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Make sure you buy a drink! Frubble provides their venue for free so we can enjoy streaming and holding these events :)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Stream by SD Unity - twitch.tv/sdunity[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Location address - 9628 Carlton Hills Boulevard Santee, CA 92071[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Follow SD Unity![/LEFT]
[LEFT]twitter - twitter.com/sdunity[/LEFT]
[LEFT]facebook - facebook.com/sdunity[/LEFT]

Just to be absolutely, completely sure: as long as I show up before six I can play in singles? Finally! A tournament I can actually play in! Good shit SDUnity whoever you are, Look forward to meeting you.