[Mar 10, 2012] SOUTH JERSEY CHAMPIONSHIPS! UMvC3, AE, SC5, & SFxT! (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)



South Jersey’s Newest Regional Tournament!

Top 5 Payout!

Introduction to South Jersey Championships

Hey what’s up everyone, ready for a new tournament series? I’ve been running Thursday Night CLASH for a few months now, and it’s time to move onto something bigger! Presenting South Jersey Championships, large events that take place during the weekend in South Jersey. These events will begin with primarily UMvC3 and SSF4AE with additional size events. These side events may become full events in subsequent SJC events based on popularity. I plan on hosting these every 2-3 months.

If you’re ready to show off what you’ve got in a real competitive scene, this is the tournament for you.

All events will be streamed on http://www.clashstream.com aka http://twitch.tv/chibosempai

When Is It?

Saturday, March 10th, 2012. Event starts at 1:00pm EST, please be on time. Players may begin arriving as early as noon.

Where Is It?

Red Fusion Gaming Center (inside the Shore Mall)
6725 Black Horse Pike
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

What Games?

Main Events:
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (360)
Super Street Fighter 4: AE (2012) (360)

Side Events:
Street Fighter x Tekken (PS3)
Soul Calibur 5 (PS3)


To enter South Jersey Championships you pay a venue fee and a entry fee. The venue goes to paying for the cost of running the tournament, renting the venue, etc. All money collected from entry fees go 100% right back to the winners.

Venue Fee - $10
Entry Fee (UMvC3 & SSF4AE) - $10 each
Entry Fee (SFxT & SC5) - $5 each

You only need to pay the venue fee once if entering multiple events.


Main Events:
1st Place - 48%
2nd Place - 22%
3rd Place - 14%
4th Place - 8%
5th Place - 4%

Side Events:
1st Place - 60%
2nd Place - 30%
3rd Place - 10%

Payout may be modified based on the number of entrants in an event.

What System?

All main events will be running on the Xbox 360. All side events will be ran on PS3. I do not want to run the same event on two different systems to prevent any complications with two players meeting in bracket that require different systems. With events on both systems, if you can only play on a certain system, we have an event for you. We currently have more 360 hardware than PS3, so we’re going to go with 360 for the main events for the first event. You must still bring your own controller to use. I suggest you bring both a 360 and PS3 stick/pad to use if you want, or get it dual-modded if you are interested in all events.

Time and Tournament Operation

The event starts at 1:00pm, please be on time. Players may show up as early as noon, and you may practice on any set ups that are up before the event begins. Signups will start at 1:00pm for AE and end shortly after, where the bracket will then be created and started. UMvC3 signups and bracket will be made about halfway through the AE bracket. Side events will coincide with the main events.

Brackets will be a Double Elimination style, so no one is out of the tournament until they lose twice. The event will be seeded off of results from past TNC events, and some leniency to players who have not attended any of my past events. There will be some rough considerations as well for location/carpools if requested.

I am considering doing pools play for UMvC3, let me know your thoughts on this.


Rules will be your standard rules found at most FGC events. Winners can not change their character/order/ultra, while loser can. The tournament organizer has the final ruling on any disputes.

In Street Fighter x Tekken: My SFxT Ruleset Thread
PS3 exclusive characters will be banned.


There will be a stream for every event at http://www.clashstream.com aka http://www.twitch.tv/chibosempai


First four people to bring an Xbox 360 (HDMI compatible) with HDMI cable and power cord and a copy of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 or Super Street Fighter 4 AE (with 2012 patch) to use during the tournament get $5 off of their venue fee.

First two people to bring a PS3 with HDMI cable and power cord and a copy of Soul Calibur 5 or SFxT to use during the tournament get $5 off their venue fee.

I have some of my own HDMI cables, so some people don’t have to bring one if they don’t have it. Bring normal video cables just in case.

If you bring multiple setups, you may receive $5 discounts multiple times. If you happen to bring more than 2 setups, you will receive $5 cash for each extra setup. Basically, you just get $5 per setup, and since venue fee is $10, any setup past two gets you cash.

I will also be accepting game only discounts if we need it. There is a chance we won’t it depends on the number of entrants for the events. Bring a copy of SC5 (PS3), SFxT (PS3), AE (360), or UMvC3 (360) and if we need it, I’ll give you $2 to let us use it at the event. Since games are small and easy to bring, it might be good to bring them for a chance to get money off if we need them.

Discounts/money will only be provided if the setup is used. Meaning, if we already have say 5 monitors and 5 game systems, and someone brings two systems and there are no monitors to use for it, you won’t get the discount for it.

So What Do You Need To Bring?

You need to bring the money in cash to enter the event, your own stick/pad to play on, all your friends that love these fighters, and BRING THE HYPE!


To keep up to date with South Jersey Championships and other CLASH Tournaments, keep up to date with the event pages and threads here on SRK, on the CLASH Tournaments Website http://www.clashtournaments.com, and along with my:
Stream: http://www.clashstream.com aka http://www.twitch.tv/chibosempai
Twitter: @ChiboSempai
Facebook: www.facebook.com/clashtournaments

Confirm that you are coming on this thread, and do so on Facebook as well! Invite your friends to the Facebook event!

Everyone vote on what you would like to see as a side event. Votes for any game are welcome, popular choices will likely be either Soul Calibur 5, or SFxT.

i think i can make this out. if so, i plan on bring a xbox with copies of umvc3, ae, and SfxT. if u need help running shit, ill help you with that

Awesome, sounds great. Especially the Xbox and copy of SFxT, I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy it myself at launch.

i hope to have a copy a week before its released. as long as shit goes smooth, ill have it there

If you bring SFxT, definite side event?

It’s looking like I’m going to go with SFxT for the side event

I would rather see SCV.

I’m really split between SC5 and SFxT, but I think since this is only one week after SFxT’s release, it will make for a really fun side event with some unpredictable results. I really do want to tap into the SC scene, and might add it to TNC and other events. I’ll also consider having 2 side events at SJC (SC5 and SFxT)

Do both.

I’m about to do just that

I’m definitely going to be running SC5 and SFxT side events, will edit the OP soon

Confirm your attendance on Facebook, and invite your friends

If you run a SCV side event, I’ll spread the word to www.8wayrun.com to generate interest.

I want to build nice scene for South Jersey Calibur


I’ll def talk to Jaxel about that soon, I’m friends with him

Just updated the OP with a ton of info. Officially added SFxT and SC5 as PS3 side events. Put in prize payout info for side events. Added more discount options. Fixed a couple of links. All that good stuff.

I’ll be there to beat up on SJ in SCV.

Going to be making a new logo for event shortly and adding more information, and posting it on my website.

Also contacting players from Philly and NY to come make the trip out.

Remember that if you bring setups you get discounts off the venue fee!

Does this mean Calibur players will just play on whatever? lol

Oh whoops my bad, that’s a typo. I’m going to try and keep it to PS3.

I’ll bring my 360 and copy of UMVC3.