[Mar 10, 2012] SOUTH JERSEY CHAMPIONSHIPS! UMvC3, AE, SC5, & SFxT! (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)

Josh Wong is probably best in South Jersey. just sayin

Are the side events going to be starting after the main events or is every game going to be run at the same time ?? I was hoping to make it to play SC5 if i can get off of work early. For future tournaments you should have a venue open time, registration time and seperate scheduled times for each game. Good luck with the event and I hope South Jersey supports it

The actual schedule for the games will be posted tomorrow. Likely going to be SC5 and AE frist, followed by Marvel and SFxT

do you still need xbox systems? ill bring my box but do you have an hdmi or an extra component cables cause my cables are in my entertainment stand and its a bitch to put in and get out

Yea I have a bunch of HDMI cables, no worry there

Wokring on my new SFxT ruleset here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/my-sfxt-ruleset-thread/143231/

Yeah but they always say hes from Philly though so it is what it is.

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Need to know when to show up for South Jersey Championships this Saturday? Here is the schedule we will be following. This will also let viewers know when to tune into the stream on http://clashstream.com to catch their favorite games in action!

The games at the event will be Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4 AE, Street Fighter x Tekken, and SoulCalibur 5. The later two are side events and feature a half price entry fee, though will have fewer setups at the venue, and possibly less stream time.


You may arrive as early as 12:00pm.
If you are entering SC5 or SSF4AE you must be at the venue by 1:00pm.
If you are entering UMvC3 or SFxT and NOT SC5 or SSF4AE you may arrive as late as 2:30pm.

SC5 and SSF4AE begin concurrently, with SSF4AE on stream.
When SSF4AE is finished, SC5 will be moved to the stream.
When SC5 is finished, SFxT will be moved to the stream.
When SFxT is finished, UMvC3 will be moved to the stream.


Entrants are able to arrive at the venue as early as 12:00pm noon this Saturday, March 10th. The official tournament begins with signups (for all games) one hour later at 1:00pm. During the first hour as we finish any last minute setting up, players will be able to play casual matches on any operating setup. During this time, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be on the stream setup, and the stream will go live during that hour.

The first games running will be SoulCalibur 5 and Super Street Fighter 4 AE. If you are entering either of these events, you must be at the venue by 1:00pm.

After signups end (between 1:30pm and 2:00pm), Super Street Fighter 4 AE will begin on our Xbox 360 setups while SoulCalibur 5 begins on our PS3 setups. SC 5 will play up until the final 3 players (Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals) and will then end. SSFAE will play to completion.

During the SSF4AE and SC5 tournaments, there will still be late signups for anyone entering Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 or Street Fighter x Tekken. Signups for these games will end approximately halfway through SSF4AE and SC5. The last call for signups for UMvC3 and SFxT will be at approximately 2:30pm. If you are entering either of these events, be sure to be here before that time.

Once SSF4AE finishes, SC5 will be moved to the stream to play the final sets. If SSF4AE finishes before SC5 reaches finals, SC5 will be moved to the stream sooner. Once SC5 moves to the stream, SFxT and UMvC3 will begin.

Once SC5 finishes, SFxT will be moved to the stream. Once SFxT finishes, UMvC3 will be moved to the stream. If UMvC3 reaches the top 5 remaining players before SFxT finishes, UMvC3 will be held until SFxT finishes.

Sat? I’m working. Thats Casino work hours for me. Have fun everyone.

Modified the setup discounts a little bit. I’ve gotten a hold of more equipment than expected. I will only be accepting the first four 360s and first two PS3s for discounts. No extra monitors are needed. I’ve also added a game only discount. Check out the OP for details.

Event is in only two days!

so youre following spooky and valle’s example of banning gems right

No, I’ll be allowing the default set gems. Players may choose one of the two defaults similar to selecting assists or hypers in other games.

All of the information and preparation is extremely appreciated, Chibo!

No prob Meteo

Just dropped off all of my equipment at the venue, and going to be completely setting up tonight as well as doing some stream tests.

Wanted to give all of you a tip on the parking. It’s in a mall (the Shore Mall), so there’s like 4,000,000 parking spots - no need to worry about that. Even though this gaming center is in the mall, we are able to be open when the mall isn’t since there is a direct door leading outside from it (it’s not like a normal walk in door though, it’s more of a just incase side door of sorts. We can leave through there if needed, but we can’t enter the place through there when the mall is open. For parking though and arriving to the event, the store is near the back of the mall, but fortunately there’s a normal mall entrance back there. When you come up to the mall there is the big main front area, with large stores like Boscovs, Burlington, and a TGI Fridays. There are additional mall entrances if you drive around to the back of the mall to the left of the main area, and the right. You want to go to the first back entrance you find driving to the right side of the mall. If you drive to the left side, skip the first mall entrance you see, and keep going until the next one (which is the first one you would see when driving right). This mall entrance goes right into the food court (so you know you’re at the right one). Go in there, walk past the food court, make a right, and Red Fusion (the venue) is like 3 stores down.

Finally get to go to a south jersey tournament! Almost makes me wish I still lived in AC so I wouldn’t have to travel for an hour on njtransit. Almost.

Results Thread: South Jersey Championships - 3/10/12 - Results & Videos

Awesome, very successful event, can’t wait for the next one.

Spare equipment available:
19" LCD monitor with DVI / VGA / 3.5mm audio input (ASUS VH198T)

XBOX 360 with VGA/3.5mm audio or RCA output + cables (original, upgraded fans/heatsync for reliability)
PS3 with HDMI and RCA output and cables
both consoles have the SSF4 AE 2012 update

Madcatz TE Fightstick for XBOX 360 (Square gate, 8 buttons)
Madcatz Fightpad for PS3 and a smaller SFxT model for XBOX (which I will normally be using)

Controller adapter: XBOX 360 to PS3 (untested in PS3 to XBOX conversion)
1 spare USB controller wire for XBOX and 1 for PS3
1 electrical power strip

SSF4 (non-AE, need a console with the AE + 2012 update) for XBOX and PS3
SFxTekken for XBOX

Counseling for sore losers:
David Sirlin’s expanded “Playing to Win” (Paperback)

^^^^^^^what is this.

I guess he’s saying that if someone needs an extra console or other things hes got it.