[Mar 10, 2012] Street Fighter X Tekken Week One Tournament. Fight On! at Game On. (Clifton, NJ)

120 Market St
Clifton, NJ 07012
(973) 777-3675

Saturday March 10th 2012
1PM-4PM Casuals running until store closes
Venue Fee=$5
Bring a full setup (TV + CONSOLE + GAME) and you will be waived the full venue fee.
Entry Fee=$5

BYOC (BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER!) The tournament organizers will have loaner PS3 pads and sticks on hand but do not rely on them!
Main Game
Street Fighter X Tekken
Sets will be 2/3 matches
LF, WF and GF are 3/5 matches with the guy coming out of losers in GF having to win 2 sets
Loser can switch their team
Winner must keep the same team in the same order
Prize distribution: 70-20-10

Side Games

Side tournaments in other games will be run if we get enough confirmed participants.

Setups will be available for casual play.

The 192 nj transit bus brings you one block away from the store from port authority.
It’s around 9 or 10 bucks round trip from nyc.

Store is conveniently located next to a sushi place, chocolate shop, pizzeria, exotic ice-cream shop, quick-check, bagel shop, bakery, small food market, cafe, and liquor store.

Check out the event’s facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/events/125212157600498/

More information coming soon.

Shameless bump is Shameless. BTW if you go, try the Eggplant Rolatini Pizza from Angelo’s. Its amazing.

I can bring a game, let me see if a friend can bring a console or a tv to set up though.

Just got confirmation, we have an HD projector to broadcast our main tournament. Big screen viewing FTW.

Jeez that sounds pretty awesome. We’re at about 12 or so confirmed players. Not too bad, but we definitely need some more people. Support your local scene, everyone!

100" screen… booyah…

Do we even have room to fit this thing?

I’m here!

Guess what! Fight nights are happening! Every Tuesday at Game On! We will be holding fighting game meetups and tournaments. This week (2/21) we are doing Soul Calibur V!

Next week, we will be doing Marvel 3 and SCV

Release party tonight! http://www.facebook.com/events/255037804578875/
Come practice for the tournament on Saturday!

Ok so like I said before the 100" screen can’t come, but the party is still on, be there tomorrow!

Gunna be there towards the end. Im more lookin for casuals since i havent played yet and i got a few things goung on during the day

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I think the owner is cool with leting us run casuals and other tournaments clear through the end of the day

Nvm i dont have the car right now :confused:

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