[Mar 11, 2012] Console Warzone Xbox Live SFxTekken Tournament (Xbox Live)

The tournament will be hosted using Beyond Gaming. For those of you not familiar with Beyond Gaming, it is a website dedicated to hosting online gaming tournaments. They have been slowly getting bigger and bigger in the shooter and Starcraft community so I think it’s time we show them that the FGC is still strong as well.

The way Beyond Gaming works is with a token system. You purchase tokens to enter tournaments which can then by redeemed for prizes or even cash. When you sign up to the website (which only takes 2 minutes) you receive 50 tokens for free without having to do anything.

This tournament will have an entry fee of 24 tokens so for those of you who have never played on BG you will get entry free just for signing up. For those of you who know me, this isn’t the first time I’ve used a website like this to run some small events and I always run an organized and efficient event.

The tournament will be streamed on www.twitch.tv/consolewarzone

Be sure to follow that page. Here is the link so you can sign up for the tournament. There are only 16 spots available.

SFxTekken 3 PM


Few hours left to sign-up. I’ll prob start streaming a little early. Spread the word.

20 minutes left to sign up…I’d like to get at least 8 people so sign up now!!

bump…hosting another tourney on Wednesday. Might add UMvC3 to the line-up as well if I can.

Going down at 6 PM Est. today. 50 free tokens just for signing up to Beyond Gaming. Get in on this!!!

Street Fighter X Tekken event this Sunday. That should give people enough time to make a team.

Team? Oh oh you mean a character team : )
Yup, got mine. Totally not playing Vega. Promise, really, cross my heart. (cackling laughter)

Yeah this one will be just solo players. Although doing a team tourney in the future looks good. Get in this people so we can have a full bracket.

Going live at 3 PM Eastern. Sign-up now before it’s too late!