[Mar 11, 2012] New England Fight Scene presents BATTLEBORO 2012 (Brattleboro, Vt)

http://www.band-flyers.com/flyers/3bcf4f55c378f4210661147cb3f67b27/flyer.html Event flyer

I extend an open invitation to all willing participants to New England Fight Scene’s first tournament, “BATTLEBORO 2012!” Produced by Michael Garcia. I have listened carefully to our community and have come up with an event that I hope will inspire you to show up.

Here are the details.

I have reserved the meeting room of the Holiday Inn Express for, Sunday, March 11. The Venue Fee will be five dollars for the day. If you bring a setup to the tournament (Console,TV, and cables), your venue fee will be waived. I will be purchasing an evo monitor and will be able to bring three consoles on my own (2 PS3s 1 360). LevelUpNH will also be attending and supplying me with two set ups of their own (2 360s and tvs).

This meeting room does not have the capacity of the prior location I found in Keene. But this is offset by the minimal charge for the venue. In order to attract the participants that would have to travel long distances, I will be opening the event at 12:00AM on Sunday. This way you can get in some serious warmups and have the opportunity to socialize with your fellow tournament goers.You will of course, need to reserve a room for the night. The meeting room is not a space available for crashing.

edit: I have been notified that the Holiday Inn Express has sold out of available rooms. Here are links to several nearby hotels.

Super 8: http://tiny.cc/y7iaa

Econo Lodge: http://tiny.cc/ygs2u

Motel 6: http://tiny.cc/as468

Latchis Hotel and Theater: http://tiny.cc/cn8z1

I intend to host as many games as possible, but will be realistic with what I am able to accomplish. Here is the list of games.

Street Fighter AE

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Street Fight X Tekken

Soul Caliber 5

Mortal Kombat

Tekken 6

All games will run off the standard rule set for each respective game. I believe that each game can be run with a ten dollar buy in. Unless there is overwhelming objections to ten dollars, it is my belief that this is the correct price point to shoot for each tournament. If there is an issue with the buy in, I will approach the topic on an individual basis. Prize distributions will be:

1st place 70%

2nd place 20%

3rd place 10%

(Sunday Morning) 12:01AM-6:00AM Early morning casuals/training

11:00AM-12:00PM sign ups

1:00-2:00 warm-ups (of course we can start as soon as everyone is ready which is my preference)

2:00-12:00 Tournaments are on.

2:00 Street Fighter 4:AE

2:30 Tekken 6

2:45 UMVC 3

3:30 MK

4:15 SCV

5:00 SF X TK

This whole schedule is tentative. I would gladly appreciate help from the community on this front.

I will be seeking out a caterer to provide for the event, so that you don’t have to worry about where to go for food. I highly encourage those with streaming capabilities to shoot me a message. I would love to talk to you. I hope to see you in March. I want our region to start growing in both size and scope. Get out here and helps us grow!

One last thing. I don’t know the answer to this question. How is it determined what console should run which game? It was my understanding that soul Caliber is run on a PS3. Do I need to set a particular console for each game? If someone can answer these questions of mine, that would be great

All games should be run on PS3 if possible. Also, consider adding Tekken 6 to that list and then advertising the event on TekkenZaibatsu. And have you posted this on MK-dedicated websites yet? (TestYourMight.com, and UltimateMK.com I think were the biggest)

Anyway, I will be there. Good job putting this together!

I will be able to bring a PS3 and SC5 & Tekken 6. And possibly 1 TV.

Thaks cla. I did put the event up on test your might. If your able to advertise on the tekken forum that would be great. I’ll go ahead and add tekken to the List of games. I’ll need to get on ultimate mk. Thanks for being willing to bring set ups. Would you be willing to run any of the games? If so, let me know. I would happily except the help. Thanks, Michael

I have a 32" TV that I MAY be willing to bring. It all depends on the circumstances at the time. Getting my hands on a PS3 stick will be the hard part.

Ok. I have posted the thread on Zaibatsu:


Spread the word where ever you can, people. Let’s get all the hype we can! Don’t forget to spread the word to multiple areas/states even on the same website. On Zaibatsu, I also posted in the upstate NY thread. So try to find threads for other nearby areas too on all the websites.

Thank you so much Cla.

Got my hotel reserved at Super8. Gettin’ hype! See you all there.

I’m gonna also put a link to this thread in my signature on all websites I use.

Is the Mass. crew on board? I hope they are, they could bring a giant amount of players.

I don’t know. Did anyone leave a message in their thread about this tourney?

EDIT: Here, I left a message here and there:

Get in there and urge them to come on out.

I can bring a setup for MK9 to this.

Hey I just tried spreading word about this event to multiple area threads. Check the link below to see where I posted, and join in the threads to urge the players to join us. Also, dig through the forum to find other threads that this event may interest people in.


Cool. I keep forgetting to mention I also have MK9 to bring. I also have the PS3 Tournament Edition stick. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 2 PS3 sticks that other people are free to use. I have the Hori Tekken 6 stick, and the MK9 Tournament Edition stick.

Sure thing Cla. I also have two ps3 te sticks. Although one of them is technically the property of the spouse. I also have two xbox pdp vs pads.

I’ve been busy all week, setting up displays for my flyers in every game store I pass during my travels (while working). Currently eight stores are advertising for me, with more on the way. I just called every store to get an update. Nearly every one of them is either running low or just out of flyers! I have to drop flyers off at all of them. The word is getting out. The region is getting hype for Battleboro!

So I was gonna wait till the next event to make a flyer, but I had some time so I decided to make one anyway. I’ll happily re-use this design for the next event if you want too:


am i reading this wrong or is the tournament going to run to completion in 5 or 6 hours? I don’t see how that’s possible with all the different games being played

We can run up until 11:00PM if need be. I have the room for the whole day.

Well, this is in my town lol, and I’d be glad to stream the tournament. The venue is literally about 2000 feet from my house. My BMI is acting up right now, but I should be able to get the kinks worked out by the time of the tournament. Feel free to shoot me a message and just let me know if you want me to stream it. It will be poverty to the max, but it’s something. :smiley:

^I give that a big Hell Yes!

That’s great to hear. I’ve already sent you a message.

I’m looking forward to checking this out. I definitely recommend choosing which system will be used for each game in advance. MK and SCV are almost always on PS3, both locally and at majors. The other games are usually on PS3 at majors, but tend to be on 360 at locals. My suggestion would be to just go PS3 all the way.

Also, if you haven’t already, I recommend posting this on Test Your Might and 8WayRun as well.

I would also prefer PS3 if at all possible, as for some reason the HDMI in on my capture card isn’t working from my Xbox (it could be my Xbox, I don’t know), but my component in is working just fine from my PS3. :smiley: