[Mar 13, 2012] Fight On! - Street Fighter X Everything Night! (Clifton, NJ)

120 Market St
Clifton, NJ 07012
(973) 777-3675

Join us for FIGHT ON! Tuesday night fighting game tournaments and meetups at Game On! in Clifton, New Jersey! This week, we are playing Street Fighter and lots of it!

Time: Every Tuesday, 6PM till closing (3/13)
SIGNUPS START AT 6! TOURNAMENT STARTS AT 6:30 GET THERE EARLY TO SECURE A SPOT! Late comers will be added to the tournament until all byes are replaced.

Venue Fee = $5
Tournament Entry Fee = $5
Bring a full setup (TV + Game + Two Controllers + Console) and get free venue fee.

Bring Your Own Controller! If you do not you will be forced to play on whatever the tournament organizers have on hand.

Main Game: Street Fighter X Tekken
Games will be 2/3 rounds.
Sets will be 2/3 matches
LF, WF and GF are 3/5 matches with the guy coming out of losers in GF having to win 2 sets
Loser can switch their team
Winner must keep the same team in the same order
Prize distribution: 70-20-10

Secondary Game: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012
Games will be 2/3 rounds.
Sets will be 2/3 matches
LF, WF and GF are 3/5 matches with the guy coming out of losers in GF having to win 2 sets
Loser can switch their character/ultra

Tertiary Game: Any of the following games will be run if at least four people sign up.
Soul Calibur V
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
Blazblue: Continuum Shift
The King of Fighters XIII
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition

Setups will be available for casual play.

The 192 nj transit bus brings you one block away from the store from port authority.
It’s around 9 or 10 bucks round trip from nyc.

Store is conveniently located next to a sushi place, chocolate shop, pizzeria, exotic ice-cream shop, quick-check, bagel shop, bakery, small food market, cafe, and liquor store.


Soul calibur! Put it in there. Ill be going to this one.

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Soul Calibur and Marvel will also be played if everyone who says they will be coming comes.

I’m assuming the consoles are PS3?

Yes. PS3. Although you don’t have to pay the venue fee if you bring your own setup (console, controllers, game, tv). And yes you can bring an Xbox if you like if you perfer playing on that.

so there could be a sfxtekken tourney going on and this place would allow ppl to use other consoles to play other games casually?

Will try to leave work early to get there on time. Do casuals run the entire night as long as there are extra consoles?
Just got SFxT but looking forward to finally playing in person and meeting the local scene

Yep! As long as there is a console free you can play whaever you like.

Yep casuals will run till 10, when the store closes. We only nick off of casual setups if the tournament is running late and we need to speed it up.

Normally we have 2-3 setups. Seriously, extra setups would be pretty clutch so bring one if you can. Free venue fee! FREE VENUE FEE!